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    Michael S

    I’m knew to this website and I’m sure this subject has been touched upon before but I can’t spend hours looking through old posts to find an answer to my question:

    Does anyone know of a good dry dog food for hip and joint problems?

    We bought some at the vet (Science Diet of course) and I did not like the amount of corn in the mix. I know that all the amino acids etc are great for the dog and that’s all well and good but ‘corn’ come on that’s not going to fly with me for long and the price is very high ($85 for 30#).

    So, does anyone have a good brand that is acceptable for this type of problem…I don’t see any recommendations here on the website for this type of prescription dog food. I would appreciate any help. Many Thanks

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    moti r

    Maybe try to give your dog a regular quality food as your choice , and a as a supplement
    glocosamine and chrodentine.

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    Hi Michael,
    Foods that have glucosamine & chondroitin aren’t generally woth it as the amount of the supplements are “cooked out” of the food. You’re better to give a separate joint supplement.
    It has been said that grains are inflammatory so you’d be better to feed a grain free food.

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    Hi Michael,

    There is no food that provides enough glucosamine and chondroitin. I’ve had several dogs with joint issues for many years. I feed grain and potato free (potatoes exacerbate inflammation) and supplement with human grade fish oil and joint supplements. You have to be careful if using human joint supplements that there aren’t added vitamins. Your vet might be willing to give you suggestions. You also have to adjust the dosage. My current senior dog is doing well and still extremely active.

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    Nutramax Dasuquin with MSM as a daily supplement, it’s the best because your dog will actually show signs of better mobility. And Zignature Zssentials for dry kibble. One of my pups has partially torn ligaments, no surgery and you’d never know he’s crippled. My other baby has sports injuries once in awhile, too. Just follow a suitable exercise regimen for your type of breed while considering age and weight.

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    Michael S

    Many Thanks to Everyone; your advise has been very helpful.

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