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    Ana S

    I have 5 small dogs: 3 months, 4 years, 2 who are 8 and a 12 year old. Is there a 5 star dog food that would meet all their needs. They prefer each others food.

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    It would definitely be easier to feed; however, the puppy has to have “puppy” food for proper growth at least up to a year. The rest can eat the same food but different amounts depending on how active they are & if they’re not allergic to certain ingredients. Orijen is the best though, followed by Acana. Avoid limited ingredient formulas, not enough protein. To make all the dishes seem the same, you can put the same topper on all dishes.

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    Finding a quality all life stages food could work. I’d say go through the list of 5 star foods to see which make ones that are AAFCO approved for all life stages. Since you have a small breed puppy it will be much easier than if it was a large breed.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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