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    jamie f

    Hi, I’m going insane please help! My dog is on month three of us discovering he has hemangiosarcoma. Doing well, have him on honest herbs but after cooking foods I’m too stressed because I have a child with special needs so I need something easy. They hated honest kitchen. I’m looking for low carb, grain free, wet canned. So far they (giving to both for ease) like Halo chicken and salmon and nature’s logic chicken. Anyone have an opinion on these or can recommend something better? Want to avoid potatoes and that’s hard to find. Also please don’t recommend raw I’m not going to do that , maybe with my next dog…
    thanks so much in advance!!

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    jamie f

    Sorry auto correct, Chinese herbs.

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    I lost a dog a few years ago to this horrible disease (hemangiosarcoma)
    It is one of the ugliest, most aggressive forms of cancer with minimal treatment options and it moves fast. It tends to show up between ages 8 through 10, targets certain breeds indicating a genetic link.
    My dog had one month left when diagnosed after displaying some mild vague symptoms and she appeared healthy at the time. No treatment options were offered. Just care and comfort.
    All I could do was try to keep her comfortable (prescription meds)
    I fed her the one thing she loved most, cooked chicken, it was the only thing she would eat.
    Sorry you are going through this.

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    Zignature is a potato free and grainfree food with a bunch of different protein options. I’m pretty sensitive myself and most canned food makes me sick just opening the container, but zignature is probably the least gross one I’ve come across. They have whole peas and carrots mixed into some flavors as well! Mine gets wet food as a treat in his cow hooves or kong. I use the duck, kangaroo, or the pork formulas depending on what I feel like grabbing that day.

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    have a look at “Walk About” Pet Foods, here’s their link all formula’s have different ingredients
    Walkabout has can/tin- Goat, Boar, Kangaroo, Bushtail & Duck wet formula’s….
    Wet can/tin or the roll loaf & pre-made raw foods the protein%, fat% & fiber% hasn’t been converted to dry matter (kibble) so when you see say 5%min-fat after it has been converted the 5%min-fat can range around 20% to 26%max in fat, so I dont know if your dogs need a lower fat diet, here’s the Convertion Analysis Calculator to save so you can convert the wet can foods…

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