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    marshall b

    Hey, my husband has recently bought a golden retriever. Now, it is like a member of our family. He is becoming really naughty these days, and also disobedient. My husband won’t give proper training to the dog, and its disobedience makes me go crazy.
    Last week, my father came home to stay with us for a few days. He had dentures, which he kept on the table at night while he went to sleep. The next day, we found it broken into pieces. This dog has played with the dentures and has ended up breaking it. My father had to fix the broken dentures ( http://www.emergency-dental-365.com/procedures/broken-denture-repair/ ) from Toronto.
    I am totally disappointed with the behavior of my dog. He keeps on creating nuisance every day. Will we have to appoint any special trainer to deal with him? How did you guys manage to keep your dog under control? Please share.

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    Rosanne M

    So sorry to hear you are having troubles with your dog. Every dog will misbehave if the owner does not take the time to train it using positive reinforcement. Dog’s are not born knowing what is right (in a human’s view) and what is wrong. Not enough exercise is also one of the biggest contributors to problems. When you combine no training and not enough exercise the poor dog will suffer terribly because you will always be disappointed in them. It sounds to me like you have a choice to make: either invest the time and energy into training and exercising your pup or find a good golden retriever rescue organization and give him up to someone that does have the time. Ultimately, the most humane thing to do is that which is best for the dog.

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    He’s probably teething. He will chew everything he can till he is 1 to 1/2, 2 years old.
    You have to puppy proof your home, the same as you would with a small child. Dogs are mentally equivalent to a 3 year old child as far as intelligence.
    Dogs love routine, a retriever is an active dog that requires exercise. I’m talking about 3 to 5 mile walks per day. Plus a couple of 10-20 minute games of playing fetch the ball with you.
    Swimming, running…….. A tired dog is a well behaved dog.
    You are either a dog person or you are not. Dogs are a lot of work. Have a serious talk with your husband as to if this is going to work or not.
    Consider Roseanne’s advice in the above post (regarding golden retriever rescue) They know the breed and will make sure it gets to home that knows what they are in for. Or reconsider finding a trainer to guide you, but if you just increase the exercise (walks) and play time it should make a difference. Dogs start to calm down at about age 2 (in my experience).
    PS: Frankly, I would have been more concerned that the dog might get an intestinal obstruction due to swallowing the denture material.

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    Don’t know why my post was removed? No links.

    Increase exercise, walk the dog for 1 hour a day, play fetch for 20 minutes a couple of times a day. A tired dog is a well behaved dog. Swimming, running……

    The dog may be teething, puppy proof your home as you would with a small child.

    Otherwise, consider Roseanne’s advice in the above post. Have a serious talk with all in your household, dogs can be a lot of work.
    In my experience they start to calm down around age 2.

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    Hi marshall b-

    I understand how frustrating it is when you and your spouse are not on the same page when it comes to training a puppy. My boyfriend is similar to your husband because when he was growing up, his parents never trained or worked with any of their dogs and he believes that dispite that they are “good dogs”, even though I can see a lot of behaviors in their current two that are not “good”.

    Unfortuntely when a puppy is acting out and being destructive, it is the owners fault. Either the dog is not getting enough proper excersize, not enough training (leave it, is a great command to teach for when they are trying to chew things they shouldn’t), improper socialization or none at all.

    It may be time to sit down with your husband and have a heart to heart talk about why it is important to train this puppy and make sure you are both on the same page. If at that point he is still unwilling you may have to attempt to do the training on your own and get him the excersize he needs.

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    Everything stated above!

    A trainer could definitely be of help, but if the entire household isn’t on board it probably won’t do much good unfortunately. If you can find a trainer with good people skills (as they should have!), the trainer may be able to help your husband understand how much potential a Golden has, and that the old “well, puppies will be puppies” saying is usually just an excuse. I would steer clear of any trainer who decides that a dog or puppy chewing up dentures is “testing” you; dogs don’t know the concept of what will be expensive to repair. Maybe remind your husband had your dog played and chewed through a bottle of Tylenol, you could be in the hole (at the vets office) several thousand dollars with no guarantee of your dog being alive. If he thinks that’s impossible, have him talk to some vets who have seen it (among dogs ingesting other dangerous things, requiring expensive surgery and pain and suffering on the part of the dog.)

    Goldens can, and are, such biddable, loving and loyal dogs…simply one of the best. But it takes work!

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    lora p

    Sorry to hear about your troubles. Disobedience can be due to several reasons. It is always better to train your dog with the help of a professional trainer.

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    Susan W

    Goldens live to please. They are also really smart & get bored easily. Simple daily training will help both issues.

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    Your husband bought a dog that is part of a working breed. They are bred to work and not meant to be walked an hour a day. It’s like buying a Ferrari and only driving it to the grocery store.

    My friend had 3 golden retrievers the first 2 were not hyper but she got lucky on her 3rd retriever. The 3rd was super hyper. Great news for me I take it hiking every weekend with my own pup. It is one of the smartest dogs I ever saw. But to my friend it was one of the most disobedient dogs she ever had. The dog was bored to death staying cooped up her house for over 16 hours a day but with me her dog behaved awesome.

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    Melissa p

    Verry sorry to hear the troubles. My doggy is so calm and as of now no troubles at all.

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