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    Helene D

    There have been quite a lot of complaints
    and medical issues about dogs getting
    very sick and dogs dying from
    gastrointestinal problems involving
    Costco’s Natures Domain as well as the Kirkland Brand Products. Mostly dog
    food but cat food as well. Do you know anything about this?? It was released by Consumer Complaints. Link below

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    Helene D
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    Lynn O

    I had not heard anything about this. We haven’t had any issues.

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    What I found interesting was that a lot of the complaints are from western states. This may be the first time there is something wrong with a Diamond product that doesn’t come out of their SC plant.

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    Liz S

    WOW!!! I just KNEW something was wrong! We put our 3 dogs on it in the summer for about 2 months and they all got very sick! UGH! I knew it!! Sorry for ranting I’m just so glad I got them off of it. It was so sad seeing my babies not feel well etc.
    Thank you so much for posting this.

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    Liz S

    Neither of those links work for me and I tried searching FB but couldn’t find anything.

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    Helene D

    Try going to consumer affairs website
    Then look for Kirkland pet food or Costco

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    Wow, what a mess. I’m sorry for anyone who’s pet has suffered.mi did kind of snicker while reading about the lady complaining about having to throw away moldy biscuits, “the box is so expensive and it hurts me to throw away so many”. Moldy treats & she’s worried about the cost of the box?

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    Cheryl N

    I have joined a new FB group “Dogs and Cats Affected by Diamond Pet Foods- Kirkland/Costco Food” that has MANY people complaining about Diamond/Kirkland foods…I am very worried, as I have been feeding my four dogs Diamond Naturals for quite some time. I am in Michigan, and there are several other MI worried parents commenting.

    I contact Diamond via email, so far no response to my inquiry.

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    Cotons mom

    If you contact COSTCO they may be more reactive to the problems than Diamond. Costco has a department for recalls that may help also, even though this hasn’t been recalled, yet.

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    InkedMarie, and why would she be out the cost anyway? Costco takes stuff back for any reason. Pretty sure moldy biscuits would make the cut. LOL.

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    Lots of breeders and rescues use this for the cost and grain free aspect, multiple flavors.

    But yeah I had problems when I used some with particular foster dogs. I just shrugged it off and assumed it didn’t work for SOME of the dogs — when I got GIANT cow patty poops, overly soft/unformed and sometimes with mucous stuff, diarrhea, and not eating. Just switched to a better food. And this was on the western half of the country. Never thought it could be contamination/spoilage issues.

    At ~325 cal/cup it’s too low calorie for some dogs anyway when they come out of the pound really underweight, particularly certain skinnier breeds. They would have to eat SO MUCH of it daily to meet calorie needs, and some dogs won’t consume that kind of volume.

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    Steve E

    Can you please provide a link to FB group “Dogs and Cats Affected by Diamond Pet Foods- Kirkland/Costco Food”
    I can’t find it.

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    Lila M

    Dog Food Advisor gives this food a pretty high rating based on ingredients. I looked into a lot of different foods before selecting Kirkland foods for our pets. The fact that it’s made in the US was also a deciding factor. The Kirkland brand ingredients are superior to those in many ‘premium’ high priced grocery store brands and compared favorably to many of the premium brands sold at our local feed store. Price isn’t a good indicator of good food.

    Recent bad experiences with this food might be attributed to a change in ingredient supplier or changes to the formula from a current supplier. There may also be contamination issues somewhere in the production line.

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    I use Nature’s Domain and haven’t had any problems. I just went thru a bag of ND Turkey and then a bag of ND Beef. Everything was normal. Energy/appetite/small solid stools. They finished up the ND Beef about 2 weeks ago. I rotate foods so now 2 are on Victor Ultra Professional, and 1 is on Rachael Ray Zero Grain Salmon.

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    Mgt Terry D

    I have used Natures Domain for years without any problems in any of my dogs.
    Would switch occasionally for variety. Fed both dry and canned and my dogs today do the happy dance when I give them Kirkland dog bones.

    I was in touch with Costco and know a few people that work for them…when this rumor came out Costco issued a memo to all stores explaining there was nothing wrong with the food or the manufacturing Diamond plant.
    Inspections where made and they where given a high rating ….no issues.
    Costco will also take back any product for any reason and reimburse the member on the spot….The person who found mold on the dog bones should have returned them..that could have been caused by moisture on the floor of Costco or in the home .

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    A H

    This original post was incorrect. Most of the online negative press has been the result of one or two people hating on the dog food and making multiple accounts. It seems a lot of the negative press was in response to a false claim that earlier this year the food killed their dog (and they asked it to be spread around facebook). Since then, that claim has been retracted.

    Reference: http://www.thatmutt.com/2015/02/01/kirkland-dog-food-update-man-admits-food-did-not-kill-his-dog/


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    Nathan B

    I know this is an older post, but I thought I’d throw this in:

    I had my dog on Nature’s Domain for about a year, but around the beginning of 2015 he started throwing up periodically. I switched the food but I wasn’t sure that’s what it was.

    Around that time, 3 different people told me there dog had been throwing up recently. I asked them what they good they had and all 3 said Costco.

    I just want led to state that I don’t think it was just a couple people. I should also mention that I do live in the West (New Mexico).

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    Kent S

    I’ve had the same issue. I give my dog a can of natures domain turkey & pea stew every night for the last year, and in the last couple weeks it’s been giving her brutal diarrhea. She went in the house which is totally out of character, and it’s very mucusy. On days I only give her kibble her stools are solid. I’m in Northern California and got it at Costco.

    Strange though, my kibble is made by diamond too. Taste of the wild.

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    Kent S

    Update: I emailed diamond and they told me they don’t make the wet natures domain. Interesting. I also noticed natures domain shut down their Facebook page. Starting to get a little worried.

    Any help is much appreciated

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    Hi Kent S-
    Nature’s Domain Turkey and Pea Stew is manufactured by Performance Pet Products and distributed by Costco. Here is a “contact us” link if you have any questions. I have used it and have gotten timely responses: http://www.kirklandsignaturepetsupplies.com/contact-us

    Diamond does not have a canning facility. I have been feeding the canned with no problems. I just bought a case yesterday. I hope the quality remains the same. It is a GREAT value! Good luck to you.

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    Jim C

    Sorry, I know this is a dog forum, but for reference sake,
    we went through one large bag of Kirkland Signature cat food, we tried a few others and recently returned to Kirkland Signature. Our large older male cat has been having severe problems since yesterday with vomiting bile.

    Our other two cats are fine but it seems time to start making our cat food. Tired of cat’s getting sick over store bought food and tired of hearing pets getting sick from store bought food.

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    Eric H

    First of all, if your pet is sick, the way to know what is causing it is to take her to the vet, and not just assume it’s the food. Many things can cause diarrhea, vomiting, and lethargy, that have nothing to do with food. If your pet is sick and you do NOT take her to the vet, then you can’t speak with any authority or certainty that the cause was food, and that’s on top of being a lousy pet parent.

    That all having been said, I’ve been feeding numerous dogs Natures Domain for YEARS without any food-related health issues. They get both wet and dry. When my dogs have gotten sick, I have taken them to the vet, and not once was the food I fed them the cause. Usually it’s because they got into something, or dug up something and ate it, or caught a bug from a dog at the dog park, or allergies, or injuries, or whatever else happens to normal, active dogs.

    PS. The Turkey and Pea stew smells do darn good I am sometimes tempted to dig in. You can see whole pieces of carrot, pea, and meat in there. And that gravy…

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    Kent S

    Eric: you have a good point about people needing to see their vet. I brought in a stool sample that was clean, and since I did kibble in the morning and the can of wet at night I could tell it was the food by poop texture.

    UPDATE: I should update you guys. I emailed natures domain, and after returning the cases I bought they sent me a new one. It gave her diarrhea too, so it must be an allergy that she developed. Unfortunate, because that food is by far the best deal I’ve found on quality wet food. The company was really helpful.

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    I want to trust Diamond, I really do, but I just can’t after all that has happened over the years. They are a budget friendly food for sure and they get decent ratings but man all the stuff that happened and is still currently happening worries me.

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    Victor P

    My 7 month old lab mix just got very sick from eating the Natures Domain Turkey kibble he was throwing up bile and had diarrhea. Don’t feed your dog this food it is poison. I am in contact with Diamond and Costco to let them know of the issue. I am in California and so far fecal test was negative and as I stopped feeding him this food he improved

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    Tracy H

    Hi there, our 5-year old Australian Shepherd who has been eating Nature’s Domain for years but within the past 1-2 months started having soft stools every day (sometimes cow patty, sometimes formed but soft) on this food, as well as lots of gas. I’m so glad I saw this forum since we were wondering what was going on. She has NEVER had chronic soft stools before. Have others experienced the same? Has there been a change in formula?

    We bought the salmon (blue) bag and then the yellow, but same issues with both. We went to the vet and everything is normal, the stools don’t indicate bacterial or other infection, and it’s not mucus-y, not diarrhea, just soft.

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    Tracy H

    By the way, we are also in California, in San Diego

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    Suzanne P

    Thank you so much for everybody writing these posts. I live in Atlanta, so not sure that this is just a “western state” issue. I’m not sure if the Nature’s Domain (ND) in the blue bag is specifically causing my dog’s issues or not, but I’m going to stop feeding it to her immediately. I have a 6 year old golden retriever who has been successfully eating ND for 3 or 4 years now. However, towards the end of May, I bought a new bag and for the last month she has had extremely loose stools. Took her to the vet and a check for parasites was negative, no enlarged organs, and blood work showed a couple of different issues (white blood cell count up and something with her liver was off). The vet prescribed an antibiotic and probiotic in case the issue was really a parasite and perhaps the stool test simply didn’t have enough “stool” to measure accurately because it was so diluted. I started to feed her mostly chicken and rice but always including some dog food. Then, as she started to do better (I thought due to the antibiotic), I increased the dog food, reduced the chicken & rice and the diarrhea (and now vomiting) is back with a vengeance. Thankfully somebody at my office had read that Costco has some quality control issues regarding their own dog food. Subsequent research lead me to this forum. I plan to feed her an all “homemade” diet for the next couple of weeks and see how she does. I’ll report back with an update.

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    Dena B

    Hi, I have to say I read these reviews and those on Consumer Affairs too late. My husband and I lost our 10 year (VERY) healthy Dachshund 3 weeks ago. It was shortly after buying a new bag of Kirkland Salmon dog food. She had organ failure and eventually died from Congestive heart failure due to the strain her heart and organs were on. We also have a 60lb Ridgeback Hound Mix (Nash) he has been ill as well. We did everything to try to help our babies thinking it was something around the house they were getting in contact with. From cleaning and resurfacing our grass due to the fertilizer we put on the grass. We had our carpets and tile professional cleaned by an Holistic non chemical using company. We switched to sensitive laundry detergent and washed everything they came in contact with. We would take them off the food and they would get better but upon returning to it they would get violently ill again. With Dottie being 10 we thought it was age related. Well, she passed and I’m filed with guilt thinking I could have prevented it. I only found these comments and others upon researching dog food for Nash since he has been on a diet. Since changing his food he has made a 180 degree recovery. I will be contacting Costco and going to their store today. Justice needs to prevail. We must stand up and make this stop. P.S. I’m in Arizona.

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    sharon A

    I have fed my dogs Kirkland chicken and rice for a few years. I bought 3 bags at the end of may, and shortly noticed loose stools in one dog. Then the slime started. Thinking she had gotten into something that she shouldn’t have (happened in the past), put her on gastro intestinal diet. She cleared up immediately. Slowly started adding her Kirkland back in her diet, 2nd day, all hell broke loose. Ran her to vet again for more detailed tests. Nothing shows up. Meantime, 2nd dog (cast iron gut) starts with the same. Ran to store, bought different dog food and the very next day, both dogs are back to normal. Returned food to Costco, got my money back, Sad, my dogs loved Kirkland and it was great until it wasn’t. In

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    Suzanne P

    First, Dena B., I’m so sorry to hear you lost your dachshund, Dottie. Has Costco responded to your inquiries? My Golden (Gracie) is still recovering. We are on a lot of medications and most recently went to a medication called Atopica. It’s expensive, but I’m hoping it will be the thing that turns her around.Otherwise, we end up having to put her down because her Albumen level keeps dropping (started as 1.4, got it up to 2.1 and now back down to 1.3) and organs will start to fail.

    Sharon A. – I’m thankful that you caught it quick enough! Just curious as to what part of the country you’re from? Many of these issues seem to be tied to the western states; however, I’m in Georgia and having this issue as well.

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    Dena B

    Suzanne, I am in Arizona. I filed the report with Costco and I’ve not heard a thing since. I’m actually not surprised. When I arrived I saw 2 bags of returned dog food behind the counter. The manager who took my info did not seem surprised either that I was filing a report. These were all red flags for me. I do hope the medication works. By the time we got Dottie in, medication was not going to help. She was drowning in her fluid that was in her lungs from her organ failure. It was devastating to witness. Putting her down with the only humane thing to do at that point.

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    Suzanne P

    Thank you for the additional information Dena. I still have one unopened bag of the Nature’s Domain (blue bag – salmon flavor) which I could return so I am “on record” as having a complaint; not a bad idea. I am hanging on to what food is left from the bag I was giving Gracie when this whole thing started in case somebody might need it as “evidence” of the “bad food” they were selling.

    I’m sorry to report, Gracie is not doing any better and her hind legs are getting weaker making it difficult to get up from a seated position. Her vet was concerned about fluid build up as well. Gracie had some edema that has subsided – maybe due to the new medication? I’m feeding her twice a day now just to keep some weight on. Previously, she only ate about 2 cups of the ND dog food with some water added to it. Gracie is currently on Metronidazole, Prednisone and Atopica…basically things to suppress her immune system.

    I will continue to post in case something we mention helps somebody else.

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    Ryan A

    My three standard poodles have been extremely healthy their entire lives. We made the fatal decision to switch them from Canidea (which is an excellent dog food) to Kirklands. Within 2 months two of our dogs liver enzymes where through the roof. Friday, our 2.5 year old girl died! We are having a necropsy done with full analysis.. We are praying that will give us answers but it looks like a lot of people have had similar experiences… This needs to be publicized!!!!!

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    I live in Southern Arizona and have three dogs with valley fever. I needed to save some money and bought three bags of Natures Domain beef and a case of the canned. I was about a week in feeding this food and suddenly my dogs with valley fever started getting much worse! The youngest a year old that just had a limp and it had gone away started limping again. My seven year old that also only had a limp suddenly was lethargic and confused. Turns out he can’t see well anymore, last night he had a seizure. My nine year old that was the worst off, but was getting better had a massive grand mal seizure. She had another five days later. I was told by my vet that the seven year old didn’t have valley fever (before all this happened) he was just old. But now after feeding this food suddenly has full blown valley fever. I will not be using that vet again because he did have it all along. Anyway when I fed this dog food it somehow increased the infection! For those that don’t live in the Southwest of America. Valley Fever is a fungal infection that everyone has or had at some point. The majority wont even know they have it, you just think you have the flu/cold and get better. Some get sick and will not get better without an anti-fungal medication commonly used is Fluconazole. The symptoms very and you can have anyone of them or all just depends. So whatever is wrong with this food brought down my already sick dogs ability to fight this illness. Causing it to spread rapidly throughout their bodies and making them very sick. I will have to PTS the two older dogs at this point. So my point is all the illness popping up in the Western US could be because these dogs have an underlying illness and the food is just more than they can handle. I will note that my nine year old tested negative for valley fever but still had it (they test for antibodies in the dogs blood from being infected a negative test just means they are not making antibodies to the disease), so don’t think a negative test means your dog isn’t sick. So this food is pushing a stressed body over the edge, so an already ill dog will get much sicker. The healthy dogs are tolerating whatever is wrong with the food and you think they are fine. So if it does this to an already weakened dog what is it doing to your “healthy” dog? Just because they seem okay doesn’t mean they are. Sorry about the long post.

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    noah v

    I have 3 large dogs. Have fed them Diamond dog food for years. Decided to go with the Kirkland Nature’s Domain. Instantly one was very ill w bloody diarrahea. Ran to the vet, ran all kinds of tests and nothing unusual. Was given an antibiotic and kept her on boiled chicken and rice for a few days. All cleared up and still nothing w other dogs so bought yet another bag. Then it hits the other 2 dogs. Now have 3 ill dogs. I’m returning this garbage to costco. Will never purchase costco/diamond products again.

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    Dee H

    One dog who is on Taste of the Wild kibble and Nature’s Domain canned Turkey and Pea stew has had lots of GI distress. Has anyone had trouble with the Kirkland canned food?
    The other dog has slightly loose stools but is otherwise ok.

    We took the first dog off of the Kirkland Natures Domain kibble, because he cannot tolerate sweet potato – did cause lots of diarrhea, and in other circumstances (for instance, when included in treats and not kibble).

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    Dena B

    Suzanne, I’m heart broken for you and what seems like the many others that are finding this information out too late. I wonder has anyone thought of contacting a TV News Crew in their local area? I know like Channel 3 here in Phoenix has 3 on your side and so does ABC. I just wonder if we could get some more light spread on this? I’d love some feedback. Please feel free to contact me on my personal email. I’m going to be brave. [email protected]

    There is an update. Since my husband and I switched to Nutro Lite Healthy Dog food for Nash our Ridgeback Hound he is doing amazing! The cost of the food is not much more expensive than the Kirkland brand we were buying and it ships to your door. We get ours through a subscription on Amazon. Def worth looking into. He has lost weight, no longer bloated or vomiting and having regular stools. Big improvement. We are expecting a new little Scoodle next week as my new emotional service dog (Scottish terrier/poodle mix) She will be 10 weeks and I can’t wait to get her. You all can follow me on FB/Twitter/Snapchat too. She will be on Nutro Small breed Puppy for the first year. Make no mistake no cheap food here anymore. Price has been paid.

    Well, I’m glad to stay informed and I hate to read these said stories. Prays and support for all who’ve lost or are dealing with sick Fur Babies. It’s just the worst.

    Dena B.

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    I switched my dogs from Nutro to Diamond last fall 2016 and my dogs were not eating the food as much. I wanted to finish the bag before putting them back on Nutro. I mixed the Costco canned food with Diamond and they started to throw up once in a while, both dogs had same symptoms. This was closer to November when I started to notice every time I open a can to mix with the food they smell it and walk away. I took that as them being very picky and eventually they would eat it when they are super hungry but it could be a day or two. I suspected the batch maybe was not good so I took a picture of the lot # of the cans just in case before I returned the remaining cans to Costco. My Frenchie was getting sick and I took her to the vet and was diagnosed with anemia. The vet doesn’t know what caused it but I believe it was the food because as soon as I took them off Costco food, no more vomiting for both dogs. Unfortunately my 9 yr old Frenchie died a month later as the meds for anemia caused her to be paralyzed, including her stomach muscles so no she was no longer able to digest food and would throw up after I gave her cyclosporine. I wish I would have never put them on Costco food, I’m sure this caused my dog’s illness because she had xrays and everything checked and nothing was found. I spent more than $3000 (including one blood transfusion) to try to save her, I’m devastated. This happened in January and I’ve been meaning to send the info to the FDA to check the food by the lot # as food manufacturer’s are supposed to save a sample of each lot for testing. I wish I would have saved one can before returning. I will no longer ignore vomiting, had I taken her in sooner she probably would have made it before the anemia got bad. I knew nothing about anemia until I went through this treatment from hell, I wish I had put her down instead of having her suffer but her vet didn’t give me any info on the risks of putting her on this treatment, of course he wanted to make money. Had I known anemia is tough to beat, especially an old dog, I would her put her down. My poor baby I cannot stop thinking about her. I have my remaining dog (9 yr old Boston Terrier) on small & toy breed senior chicken meal, rice, and barley recipe from Science Diet and she loves it. Has not thrown up once since she’s been on it and never turns her face away when she smells the food like she did with Costco food. Don’t get cheap food to save money because you’ll spend more on vet bills. Taste of the Wild is great too, she loved the bison, but I wanted to make sure I give her a senior dog food. I also mix it a little with Trader Joe’s canned food, it smells great.

    #102308 Report Abuse

    Hi Lorena E,
    sorry about your loss, sounds like you did everything for her, you didn’t just put her to sleep, you tried to help & save her, you weren’t to know how it would turn out, say she did get better, you did the right thing & she knows that…she’ll be waiting for you at rainbow bridge….It took me 2 yrs to get over my Angie my Boxer, I also tried everything & spent thousands of dollars on vet bills, I too wish I let her go earlier but I know in my heart I tried every thing to make her better again….
    If you want another really good senior food have a look at Canidae Pure Meadow Senior grain free, it’s a really good kibble, the kibble size is small, so very easy to digest, dog will have a beautiful shinny coat & has supplments for an aging dog…..
    Here’s “Canidae Consumer Affairs” site Canidae gets 5 green stars for overall satisfaction rating & has no bad complaints. https://www.consumeraffairs.com/pets/canidae.html?page=2
    here’s “Canidae’s” link for the Pure Meadow Senior it’s on the 3rd page.

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    Sydney C

    I know this thread is old but I am doing everything I can to try and get this issue resolved. I had a Frenchie nearly die last May from this dog food causing liver failure (she was just a year old) and now my 6 year old Mastiff is in organ failure, likely to pass in the next few days for the exact same thing. I have been in contact with the veterinarians from this manufacturing company and they are trying to pin this on chronic liver failure. There have been no articles that I can find that link either breeds to liver issues, chronic or acute. If anyone on here is interested, I am compiling a list of people interested in a class action lawsuit if this company does not do the right thing of looking into what is making these dogs sick. Please email your information to [email protected]

    • This reply was modified 6 years, 5 months ago by Sydney C.
    • This reply was modified 6 years, 5 months ago by Sydney C.
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    Suzanne P

    Hi Sydney!

    I’m interested in the class action lawsuit against Costco due to the extreme medical issues and deaths their Nature’s Grain dog food has caused. I still have several cups of the dog food which I was feeding Gracie that I’m happy to submit to a lab for testing purposes in support of our case. I’ll contact you through the [email protected] email address and hope others do the same.

    Thank you for coordinating!


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    a c

    I just bought a case of Nature’s Domain Turkey and pea stew can dog food from Costco. So, feed or not to feed? It’s very confusing.

    #110945 Report Abuse
    Suzanne P

    My issue was with the dry dog food. Sorry, I can’t speak for the canned version.

    #110951 Report Abuse

    Hi a c- I’ve been feeding my dogs the Turkey and Pea Stew for about two years now, I believe. Ever since it came out anyway. I have never had an issue. I feed it mixed in my dogs’ morning kibble meals.

    In fact, it is a very popular food and is on limited availability right now. The manufacturer has not been able to keep up with demand and Costco stores are only getting limited amounts and some stores are not getting any at this time. It is manufactured by Performance Pets.

    It is totally up to you. Tractor Supply Company sells 4Health canned foods, which is also a great value and I feed those as well.

    Hope this helps. Unfortunately, there have been a lot of recalls lately and it’s tough to know what to do! Plus, most of the posts on this thread are from two years ago.

    #110996 Report Abuse
    a c

    Oh. Ok. Thanks. This is first time I bought from Costco other than one bag of Freshpet. I may give it a try.

    I remembered that huge Diamond dog food poisions a few years ago. I am definitely stay away from Diamond. Envenger is also not very trust worthy. Champion is getting mix reviews. I don’t get anything from the grocery stores, and I don’t like what I read about those brands from big pet stores.

    I like to feed kibbles mix with either some can food or homemade food. I am currently using kibbles manufactured from Canada. Those food are getting 5 stars from DFA. I don’t know if Canada has better dog food. At lease those brands were not recalled.

    #111054 Report Abuse

    Hi ac-
    Diamond has not had a recall in about 5 1/2 years. (knocking on wood!) Most if not all of their recalls were out of their South Carolina plant. I live in the NW and was not affected.

    They do not have a cannery. I know that Costco’s Nature’s Domain is manufactured by Performance Pets. I’m not sure about their other canned foods.

    Have you given it a try yet?

    #111098 Report Abuse
    a c

    I did. The puppy like it. However, 28% fat content in dry matter is a little too much for my other two pancreatitis prone seniors. I use Nature Receipe GF tub for the seniors, but I just realized those were from Thailand. Do I need to worry about that?

    I used to live in SC when Diamond has that recall. I remembered passed by Diamond plant and realized that’s the plant that manufactured the poinised dog food. Many dogs were affected. So sad.

    #113423 Report Abuse
    Andy M

    Just following up on this topic. I’ve been feeding my 20 month old English Mastiff (about 190 lbs) Kirkland’s Adult Dog Chicken, Rice, and Vegetable (not grain free) dry kibble since we moved off the Diamond Naturals Large Breed puppy food and he’s been fine until this past week, he seems to not be eating as much and today didn’t eat breakfast at all. I dont know if he’s sick on something else or if the food is making him sick. I dont know what to do.

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