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    I’ve been a Costco member for many years but I will no longer buy pet food there. Good food manufacturers (e.g., Origen, Acana, Fromm) will only sell to specialty stores. I have a Vizsla and a Boston Terrier and they do very well on Acana duck and pears grain free. I also make homemade kefir for my dogs. Read the ingredients for this food, it’s amazing. I also buy raw freeze dried duck patties (Stella & Chewys) and crumble half patty on top of the food as mix in because I no longer buy wet food. If you want kefir grains I can send some rosarina2008 at gmail

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    MaryLou M

    Just following up on this topic. Similar experience to Andy M. We have been feeding our two labradoodles (8 and 10 yrs old) Kirkland Signature dry dog food for years. We have tried a variety of the flavors over the years and overall have been happy. We prefer the mature dog food version but our local Costco (Camillus, NY) doesn’t carry it so we have been feeding the Kirkland’s Signature Adult Dog Chicken Rice, and Vegetables formula (dry, red bag) for the past year and a half. We purchased a new bag last week and suddenly we are having issues. When we gave them their first bowls from the new bag, they took one whiff and walked away; they wouldn’t eat it. The older dog (that is ALWAYS hungry) caved sooner and eventually ate it. The younger dog could not bring herself to eat it, hours later looking at me wanting something else. This has gone on for a few days now. I have been “doctoring” it up with a little canned cat food (a favorite treat of theirs that they are well accustomed to and does not cause them problems.) She eventually eats it but does appear to be not too happy about it. She now has diarrhea and is leaving small cow plops everywhere. She is also acting a bit lethargic. I would not be so quick to think it is the food if it had clearly not smelled right to them from the beginning of the bag. I sure hope we are not seeing another issue like a few years ago. Is anyone else having similar problems? I too don’t know what to do.

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    MaryLou M

    Another thing I should probably add to my last post, the older dog has started itching like crazy (way more than normal.) If it is from the dog food, while it likely wouldn’t be caused by the exact same thing as the diarrhea, this could be another indicator that there has been a change to the food –either recipe, ingredient sourcing, ingredient spoilage, etc.

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    Suzanne P

    MaryLou & Lorena – You’ve probably done so by now, but if not, please do not continue to feed your dogs the most recent bag of dog food that you purchased from Costco. From what we’ve seen in this trail of posts, Costco dog food is unpredictable and even one bad bag can lead to some really undesirable effects. Multiple “bad” bags of food have been tied to causing organ failure which has lead to the deaths of many pets. Hopefully, you’ve switched dog food and your dogs are getting back to normal! If your dogs have progressively gotten worse, scroll back through the many posts and read what others have posted with regards to types of medications that have helped their pets regain their health…an expensive but worth-every-penny effort!

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    Suzanne, I stopped using Costco food after my Frenchie had anemia and died. She also had a uti and other issues. Both my Boston Terrier and Frenchie were throwing up at least twice a week on Costco food (kibbles and canned) and unfortunately I didn’t switch foods soon enough. Marylou, dogs know when the food is bad as they can smell a lot better than we can. My daughter’s cat does the same thing, sometimes the canned food she opens, the cat will sniff and walk away even though it’s the same food he goes crazy for. She then knows it’s a bad batch and opens a new can. If all the cans have the same lot # then most likely they’re all bad. You should return the food to Costco and get your money back! They require at least 50% but if you tell them it got your dogs sick they should take it back regardless.

    My 10 yr old Boston Terrier is doing well on her new food (Acana duck and pear and I top her food with 1/2 patty of Duck Duck Goose raw freeze-dried dinner patty from Stella & Chewy’s). I’m spending more on food now but it’s worth it if it saves me on vet visits and illness. I’m also feeding my Vizsla puppy the same food because it’s for all stages (it has DHA and Glucosamine). I don’t buy canned food anymore as mix in, the freeze-dried patties are enough as my dogs love these. They tried the lamb patties, but they prefer the duck. I highly recommend Acana, Orijen, or Fromm.

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    MaryLou M

    To Suzanne P and Lorena, thank you for your posts and suggestions. Sorry I didn’t get to respond sooner but I did stop feeding them the Costco food the day I submitted the article. Still phasing them off of the rice and boiled chicken I had put them on and onto a new dog food. I am trying Iam’s ProActive Health Adult Mini Chunks which I know doesn’t compare to some of the foods others are trying. However, it did get a 3.5 star rating on this site and with our limited retirement income, choices must be made. Fingers crossed! Thank you again for your prompt support! And blessings to all of our fur babies!

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    Russell L

    My very health German Shepherd, has gotten so sick I am afraid for her. I have been trying to figure out what had made her so sick so fast, we just brought a new bag of COSTCO’S natures domain and soon as she ate it she got very sick, I am so angry! Has COSTCO put out a recall?

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    Russell, if your dog was healthy why did you switch foods? Did you gradually transition to the new food? If you do a sudden change they will get diarrhea. Can you explain what symptoms she has? I ised Costco food for so long and I feel guilty for not noticing that throwing up once or twice a week is not normal. I thought it happened due to sensitive stomach. Ever since switching to Acana duck and pear my 3 dogs do so well. I recently started to mix 1/2 of American Journey salmon and sweet potato and they love it.

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    Hi Russell,
    Take COSTCO’S Natures Domain back to store & get a refund, it has to be the food poor dog feed her a bland diet, lean white meat & some boiled sweet potato 3-4 small meals a day till she is better..if she doesnt get better take her to vet & keep receipt so you can ask Costco to refund the vet bill..

    Before you return dog food write down-
    Exact name of the product and product description
    UPC code (also known as the bar code)
    Net weight
    Purchase date and exact location where purchased.
    & keep about 1/2-1 a cup dry kibble in a sealed sandwich bag just in case its needed
    then report to FDA

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    Jason T

    We switched to Kirkland dog food on Tuesday and now our dog is dead.

    Dog was in perfect health before the switch. After he started to eat it, he started throwing up and was very lethargic. Blood in stool and this was morning was unable to move. Took him to the vet and he was put down.

    I started to read some other comments online and see that this is happening to other dogs.

    I will be sending the food to a lab first thing tomorrow to be tested and I am 100 PERCENT confident it comes back positive for something that should not be in dog food. Next steps will be to make public via EVERY social media outlet known to man.


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    @ Jason T I’m very sorry about your dog. Please let us know the results. I have not bought Costco dog food since my Frenchie died because I have no idea where the food is made or where the

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    Momi I

    A relative just lost 2 dogs of different breeds and sizes in a matter of months, less than six months to be exact. One is currently very ill with cancer and is expected to die. They all died of cancer and the one thing in common is kirkland costco dog food which was what was fed to them for ever.

    Something is wrong and that is not normal. This has to be investigated. Lets not let these dog food sellers poison to death our dogs which are like babies to us.

    We are suffering and this has to stop.

    I want to know of other cases if any. Please reply or write to [email protected]. Thank you

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