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    steve b

    We are looking for the very best canned dog food that is also most humane in its processing. We (me and the other human in our house) are vegan. We’ve read up on how vegan diets are not the best for dogs (three chihuahuas) so we’ve never put them on one. That being said, it’s weighing on us that we are contributing to the killing of sentient beings and are appalled by the inhumane processing means that most dog food companies use. Any suggestions or recommendations?

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    Zignature whitefish kibble as a base, add a bit of cooked something (ground turkey, scrambled egg) a splash of water.

    I am a vegetarian, a pescatarian, actually. But, I don’t subject my dogs to my beliefs and dietary needs.
    Ps: Do you wear leather shoes? Impossible to completely avoid animal products.
    We do the best that we can. If you have a leather product, make it last as long as you can.

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    Cath N

    Having two doxies that are greater than 16y.o., we’ve been thru the gamut trying kibble, canned food and of course, treats. In addition to reading the outsourcing of pet food and unreliable processing, we have made homemade meals for our babes. Refer to the below link and obtain further knowledge of all the hidden ingredients thru processing. Our one dog is hyper-sensitive, only breast of chicken (raised w/vegetables/99% fat free )and steamed sweet potato. It’s a lot of work with prepping but gives peace of mind. I swear by it. Good luck with your babies.


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    steve b

    Thank you anon101. I’ll check out the Zignature website to see if they provide any info about their process. I do not have any leather goods. Fortunately there are many vegan shoe/belt stores that have a great selection of merchandise 🙂

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    steve b

    Thank you Cath N for the info. I’ll look at the info on the link you provided. Peace of mind with our babies is what it’s all about! 🙂

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    Hi Steve,
    the only way to know how these animals died & how the pet food is being made is buy free range organic ethically farmed meat & veggies & make your own pet meals….
    If you lived in Australia we have a new ethically farmed pet food called “Frontier Pets”, the pigs, chickens & beef all run free & are feed a healthy diet, they live a pretty good life…Here’s “Frontier Pet Food” web page https://frontierpets.com.au/pages/our-purpose
    There must be a few companies like our Frontier pets but in America… send Frontier Pets a email the lady will email you back & answer all your questions, ask does she know of another pet food company like her Frontier Pets but in America or Canada, she has just started & would of done a heap of research, so she may have come across another ethically farmed pet food company in America….

    There’s “Ziwi Peak” an New Zealand pet food company who make high quality pet foods your dogs will love their air dried pet food & their wet tin foods, https://www.ziwipets.com/
    there’s also “K-9 Natural” another NZ made pet food you add water I buy their Green Lipped Mussels. https://www.k9natural.co.nz/
    Ziwi Peak & K-9 Naturals are both sold in America.
    There’s “Honest Kitchen” you can use their base formula’s & add your own organic meat or buy the HK formula’s where you just add water….
    There’s “Just Food For Dogs” they make pet food for dogs with certain health problems they may make an small breed all life stages formula, send them an email.. https://www.justfoodfordogs.com/vet-support-diets

    Do you realise when you read the fat% & protein% on wet raw foods it hasn’t been converted to dry matter basis (kibble) yet, here’s a calculator, save this link so you can convert & know how high the fat % is in wet tin, raw food your feeding…. 5% min-fat when converted to dry matter is around 20-25%max-fat. http://www.k-9kraving.com/resources/calculator.php

    Once you have found a few pet foods introduce them & make sure you rotate between 2-3 different brands so your dogs are getting a variety of different pet foods so if one of these pet foods isn’t balanced properly or has toxins etc your dogs aren’t eating the same pet food 24/7 here’s “Clean Label Project” site, this is the first year CLP has tested pet foods for toxin’s, CLP tested the most popular pet foods for lead, arsenic, pesticides, mercury, cadmium, BPA you can see which wet pet foods made the good list & the worst list…..click on “Product Ratings” up the top..
    I and Love and You, Dog for Dog, Wellness, SmallBatch Pets & Stella & Chewy got 5 stars in the wet tin foods section…the fish formula’s seem to be worse & turkey & chicken formula’s rate the best. http://www.cleanlabelproject.org/product-ratings/pet-food/

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    Peta has some dog foods that they approve of, some are just mixes that you can use as a base and add some cooked organic protein/meat/fish of your choice.
    You could use a vegan kibble or canned food as a base. My dogs are doing well on Zignature whitefish. I started using fish based kibble as a base over 5 years ago, no problems.
    Half a carrot for a chew snack once a day, 2 meals with a splash of water added, long walks as tolerated…..
    Oh, I hope you are brushing their teeth every day, small breeds tend to have lousy teeth (no matter what you feed) as they get older periodontal disease can strike. One or two professional cleanings/extractions per year tend to be the norm (in my experience).
    Hope this helps


    PS: The Clean Label Project is bogus.

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    “One or two professional cleanings/extractions per year tend to be the norm (in my experience)”.

    Oops! I meant one or two professional cleanings per lifetime, not year.

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    You might contact this brand to see if they use humanely processed animals. They advertise using humanely raised animals.

    About Us

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    This food is certified humanely raised and handled.

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