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    Kevin W

    It’s been a crazy ride for this one that’s for sure. We are also going to do a panel as well once we are allowed too being that she has had steroids for her allergies. We have to wait like 3-12 months for that so the panel will be the most effective.

    My vet seemed fairly certain that it would go away without surgery. They mainly remove them if they ulcerate and become a big infection risk. However, with Iris’s track record I’m knocking on wood that removal won’t be needed.

    So as of now she is still itchy and requires a doggy shirt on all the time which stops a lot of itching because of her stubby legs lol. She is like a all muscle tank but with training wheels 🙂

    I will try giving a morning and night dosage to spread it out more. As of now just worried about her appetite not being as strong as usual but nothing to worry quite yet.

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    zcRiley- LOVE your new avatar! Your babies are gorgeous. I was going to get the Wysong Epigen 90 as well and I still might have that in my rotation every once in a while since it’s so expensive. I still really want to try it. Seems like an amazing food. Right now my pit is on Nature’s Logic Beef and doing really well.

    Best of luck with the allergy panel! Let us know when you get the results.

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    Thanks, pitlove! Yep, those are my (crazy, untrained) baby boys. I’m getting excited about the allergy tests as I wait for them to arrive, really really hoping it’ll give me some insight to perfect their dietary needs. I’ll post it in the future when I get the results.

Viewing 3 posts - 51 through 53 (of 53 total)
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