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    Mark C

    I just have to throw this out here because I’m not sure where to turn. For the last couple of months I have been feeding my dogs I and love and you bison and lamb. They seemed to be doing well on it but this past weekend my 10 pound Chihuahua didn’t want to eat. he’s also developed an insatiable thirst and pees like a fire hydrant. He was neutered about a week and a half ago so I took him to the vet thinking maybe there was some kind of complication, she said no——but wasn’t sure what was going on and said she didn’t want to run a bunch of needless tests? Anyway, long story longer/yesterday my border collie-spaniel started with the same symptoms. Drinking copious amounts of water and peeing a lot. The only difference between him and the Chihuahua is the Chihuahua can’t hold his bladder so there are a lot of accidents in the house, Copper can, he just wants to go outside constantly to P! Today my 70 pound hound mix also seems to have an increased thirst. I don’t see a lot of frequent urination with him but being bigger he might be able to hold himself more. I also have a fox terrier about 24 pounds she seems to be unaffected. SO FAR! Although she might be drinking a little more water than normal. The only dog who has refused to eat for the last couple of days is the Chihuahua. The others seem to have a normal appetite.I am just curious if this could be something related to the food? Obviously I’m going to change the food and that’s just a personal preference because I’m not keen on this brand. I also put an additive into their water for their teeth I’m wondering if that could possibly be doing something? For the water additive I use Nylabone fresh breath/tartar water additive. Anyway if you like to chime in and perhaps give me an idea that would be great. I’m just thinking it could possibly be the food because I haven’t been that impressed with this “I and love and you” dog food. I’ve had to throw some of it away because it was moldy, sometimes I get such big clumps you would need a hammer to break it up.

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    The moment you find mold in food, you must throw away the whole bag or container immediately, since the whole batch is contaminated. Stop feeding that brand & water additive asap, and anything else and start fresh (process of elimination). Feed Zignature Zssentials until every pet is back to normal. Brush their teeth, swallowing mouthwash is absurd. Your chihuahua may need an IV pack for severe dehydration, but your vet should’ve known this.

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    Bethann C

    Sounds like a kidney issue to me, quite possibly kidney failure. Take them to an emergency animal hospital immediately. They are more than likely dehydrated as well. And get rid of that food, all of it.

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