4 year pld hound mix: hot spots, itching sheding,Vet presribed pills worked some

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    Fred M

    My 4 year old coonhound/plott hound mix, in Dec.2014 started shedding, itching with hot spots on rear out thigh and down her leg.shedding and itching was excessive.my Vet prescribed a combination ofCephalexin 500mg and a 250mg dose andTermanip .These pills were prescribed in combonation for 28 days. the condition was greatly improved for about three months but now has returned.her food has been, Purina Pro Plan Select adult, for three years,with a splash of olive oil.she eats no human foods,scraps etc.Her weight is 76 lbs and she has great energy walks three miles daily.My vet has put her on a bathing pgm with a special shampoo,it has not workedI am belwildered and don’t know what to do to remedy the problem Help

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    Allergies? If the current treatment is not effective and the dog is seriously uncomfortable, you may want to consider seeing a specialist/dermatologist, this has been going on for 4 months….seasonal?
    Or consult a homeopath http://theavh.org/

    Dr Falconer’s latest blog http://vitalanimal.com/natural-dog-food-work/


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    Probably a food sensitivity. Take your ingredient list with you to a dog boutique and look for a food with as few ingredients in common as possible.

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    My 6 year old Black & Tan Coonhound always seems to have allergies this time of the year as well. Much scratching and chewing on paws, etc. She was on Evo Red when this started 3 months ago and I thought, yep Natura has done something to my dog…although I still believe in this company and like their foods. I switched her to Origen Adult and it got worse. Then California Grain Free Chicken and later California Natural Lamb and Rice without improvement. Hmmmm…then I saw that pork was supposed to be good for dogs with allergies and put her on Acana Pork and Butternut Squash. As you might imagine, no improvement. Now she’s on Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream which is supposed to be good for allergies and I actually think she’s better but after two weeks is still occasionally itching. I’m really thinking she has mostly an airborne allergy or is allergic to the grasses she runs through happily looking for gophers and squirrels. Her digging probably doesn’t help either. If this season is typical, most of this will be over by Summer. Good luck, Fred, hang in there!


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    Change her diet to an limited ingredient food the less ingredients is best…. there’s a list of all limited ingredient foods & shampoos in the files on this Face Book group “Dog Allergy International group” https://www.facebook.com/groups/dogallergyinternationalgroup/ there’s also some really good information on allergy & food testing….

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    “If this season is typical, most of this will be over by summer”.

    Or, not. If the symptoms have been going on for 4 seasons/1 year without significant periods of relief, and the dog is still uncomfortable despite diet changes and visits to the regular vet.
    It is time to see a specialist, veterinary dermatologist (imo), let him advise you as to what testing is indicated after examining your dog and learning it’s history.

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    Patty S

    I’m wondering if you live in an area where your dog has to be on Frontline, Advantage etc.
    for fleas. When my Lab/Chow mix was about 2 years old (living in Florida) she started
    scratching & biting her hind end till most of the hair was missing. Turns out she was allergic to flea bites.
    She was on a preventative but they still get bitten though the fleas die. First Vet
    prescribed similar to yours. Although I did not use the shampoo as it said I had to wear
    gloves and to wash it off immediately if there was any contact with my skin. So why would
    I put that on my dog? Second Vet, more on the holistic side, prescribed daily Omega-3
    Fish oil and the problem stopped in a week or so. My dog is now 12 and has never had
    this issue again.

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    Fred M

    Thank you all for your very helpful info in your posts.After researching many articles I think I have narrowed down Willow’s problem first an update she is doing much better itching and hair loss has stopped and the area of the proplem is not spreading .Now for my detective results.Usually around the first frost,we live in new hampshire I take her and all my past dogs off all treatments for several months.I took her off end of November,her advantex flea control, and Xmas week I brought her to my vet’s Kennel for several days boarding.The winter months especially this year are very cold and dry and I heat with a pellet(wood stove,)and altho I have a humidifier I don’t think it was enough to get the moister up in our sleeping area.Resulting I think she got a flea bite at the kennel and that condition was worsened by dry and cold.We are on the mend many thanks

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    Marcie D

    I live in Florida now too, thought it would be better than “tick-land”, in New England but here the fleas have boots on they are so huge! I found a natural shampoo made with Colloidal Silver and bacteria or fungus cannot strive in it’s presence. I have Long Coated Shepherds and dampness seems to bother them but this shampoo works.

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    Where are you in NH? I’m in Gilford!

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    Leslie K

    Mille’s Woflheart!!! My youngest (3 year-old border collie / corgi rescue mix) has ALWAYS had problems. In addition to being generally picky and a selective eater, she has HORRIBLE skin allergies. Without fail she ends up with flare-ups and skin infections several times a year, and to ease her discomfort I switched to feeding raw.

    While I loved feeding them raw, it has been costly, time-consuming, and honestly just complicated. I have always wanted a reliable, high-quality kibble, but felt like I had no options I could feel good about. Most of the (allegedly high-end and expensive) kibble I’ve researched has kind of questionable meat content, with a lot of protein coming from pea flour or other vegetables. They’ll also tout “all natural” ingredients……. and then contain a laundry list of weird chemical ingredients, vitamin packs, preservatives, and so forth.

    Millie’s is by far the best answer I have found to this problem. My collie LOVES it, and the high omega content help her skin and coat look great… even through allergy season! I still feed some raw components with her meals, but Millie’s is our go-to base.

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