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Actually I alternate the green supplement. I’ll use Dr Harvey’s in one batch, then ONP Super Daily Greens the next batch. Just like rotating foods. Remember, “balance over time”. I just noticed the Young Again supplement when the review came out for the food so I might try that in the future. I like the fact that Dr Harvey’s has herbs/botanicals and bee pollen (which I have bee pollen anyways) but it doesn’t appear to have all the crucifers like ONP Super Daily Greens (which I don’t want to feed crucifers everday). So a balance for me is to alternate those. I could even make a batch of food and use one supp on half and one supp on the other half so that they are alternating with each feed. It’s totally customizable.

And if you’re making a homamade veggie/fruit mix, don’t use foods from the broccoli family everytime. (broccoli, kale, cabbage, etc)

On your menu above, you could also offer a glandular supplement.