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Patricia A

I always thought that as long as food is AAFCO approved I’m covered. Oh but the tricks the manufactures use which leads us into believing ingredient list is transparent is so deceiving for us pet owners and AAFCO allows.
If someone is concerned about preservatives in their pet food, manufactures don’t need to list is sourced from far away and was processed by the sourcing company using preservatives. So unless the food is 100% USA made, there are always somethings that don’t make it on the label.
Then there is the regulations on pet food labeling. Marketing tricks with words like organic when there are no guidelines on what constitutes organic food. Human grade can be suitable for human consumption that could expire and be spoiled meat.
I don’t know if this is correct but when you see salt on ingredient list it has to be less then 1%. So anything UNDER salt on label such as organic veggies of different types could just be a thimble full put in and they can still put on label as organic broccoli, organic carrots etc.
So with your diligence you have called out manufactures for not meeting AAFCO min as an example. So AAFCO is what people are used to seeing on label and they believe that’s ALL they need to know. AAFCO – is an important association of local, state, and federal officials. AAFCO creates model language for definitions, guidance, and best-practices related to the regulation of pet foods, but it doesn’t “regulate, test, approve or certify pet food.
Loli doesn’t have any more energy around the house that’s for sure. She was NEVER one of those small dogs who are hyper. lol However, she does make it all around the block and track lately. Maybe cooler weather? Less walks since at times too cold, windy or rainy since late fall? I’m just happy that ALL three can eat with their kibble and so far so good.
Happy Holidays Aimee.