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You may want to consider a raw frozen, hypoallergenic diet. One of my dogs has had an autoimmune skin disease on his tail (ugggh!–hair loss, pimply blackened skin, etc) and we had to change his diet. We were told that diets high in carbohydrates can make it worse and he was getting a lot of ear infections too. We switched from dry food to a raw frozen diet and have seen a huge improvement. Dry dog food is not nearly the same quality as a raw frozen diet and it is very high in carbohydrates. It does cost more but maybe you can mix the raw with some canned, homemade or kibble? We use STella and Chewy’s, Vital Essentials and Small Batch–depending upon what’s available. You can get raw freeze-dried and frozen. We have also use this product called Immune Harmony https://www.askariel.com/plant-sterols-for-pets-p/122.htm Our holistic vet told us to find a supplement with plant sterols and this product has done wonders for him. It’s specially for pets with autoimmune problems and I think (?) they have a testimonial or section on their website about IMHA.