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Hi Eleonora L-
I wouldn’t feed a large breed pup a homemade diet. It is so important to get all their nutrients exactly right while they are growing to avoid joint issues. It’s actually not protein that can cause issues, it is calcium and phosphorous.

Check out this link: /calcium-content-analyzer/

Feed a commercial diet that actually states it is for growing large breed pups. Purina has a lot of research behind their diets and they have food available at different price points. Eukanuba, Royal Canin, Iams and Hill’s would also be good choices.

When the pup is full grown, if you want to make homemade food, check out BalanceIt.com. It is a great site run by veterinary nutritionists that can help build a recipe for you.

Best wishes to you and your new pup! ❤

Recent Replies