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Brandon Y

Hey! I am a product specialist at a pet store. We just brought it in. Here is a quick overview of it:

Seems to sell really well. It contains no peas potatoes or legumes and marketed towards pet parents concerned about grain-free diets. Earthborn recently came out with this line because of the sales drop caused by the recent FDA investigation causing concern about enlargement of the heart in large breeds from feeding grain-free diets due to a lack of taurine (an amino acid), however, even the FDA report states there is still little signs of this and it is still under investigation.

If your local store offers samples try it out. Has a lot of newer ingredients such as buckwheat, which is not a type of wheat or grass nor is it related to any family of them but rather a seed. Dogs primarily use this as a source of dietary fiber however in humans it has shown to reduce blood sugar. It is also a gluten-free source of fiber. Also the unrefined is primarily made of ancient grains such as quinoa, buckwheat, and chia. In case you didn’t know these types of grains are considered ancient because these grains are purported to have been minimally changed by selective breeding over recent millennia or in normal terms, humans didn’t really screw around with them as much as corn.

Most of its formulas are multiprotein (except for salmon, it just has salmon) Despite the bag name, so always check the ingredients to see what’s really inside the bag.

Hope this helps! post any other questions you have and I’ll do my best to get back to you with answers!