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Walter P

Many “flea shampoos” are formulated with herbs or essential oils, or chemicals.

In truth, any good quality non‑medicated shampoo, lathered up well and left on 10 ‑ 15 minutes will remove fleas.
Using shampoos made for dogs is important if you have to repeat bathing frequently since there are differences in skin pH.

Do look for companies using environmentally sustainable packaging as their ingredients will usually be the safest.
For the rare flea shampoo, it is fine to use any mild soap or shampoo. Personally, I love the grapefruit and coconut shampoo (household cleaner) by Forever Green.

Flea comb and massage your dog or cat while the shampoo is smothering the fleas. Apply the shampoo to a dry dog for better effect.

Sing to your dog or cat, talk silly, laugh and make this fun for all. Rinse two to three times. Be sure to always
Check for any residual fleas or flea dirt after your pet is dry and remove it, or you will think you are re‑infested when you check the next few days.

Source: Best Anti-Flea Shampoos For dogs in 2020

Recent Replies