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Dene C

I ordered this in July, just after having foot surgery. Before it arrived, I happened upon this page and read about people’s dogs getting sick from having this product. I was so alarmed, that when it arrived I did not even open the package, because if my dog got sick, I would not be able to quickly take her to the vet due to my inability to weight bear or walk.
It wasn’t until early November that I was able to walk and carry my dog if needed to the car to drive to the vet. So I started putting the powder on her food and she liked it. So far so good.

My dog suffers from chronic allergies and has been on a low-dose of prednisone for years. After she had been using this product for several weeks I stopped the prednisone to see if the symptoms would return. I was hoping she would no longer need the prednisone, but unfortunately she began coughing, sneezing, and vomiting bile.
Let me be clear, this was not in any way in reaction to this product, rather this was how she normally behaved when she was not on prednisone. I had hoped that this product would mitigate the need for the prednisone, alas it did not. In fact I saw absolutely no change in my dog’s behavior, other than the fact that she enjoyed the taste of her food with this powder on it, rendering it nothing more than a very expensive ‘spice’.
Shayne, can you help me get a refund, even though it’s past the 90 days?

Recent Replies