Best Wet Grain Free Dog Foods


The following is a list of our best dog food brands… each found to contain at least one wet grain free dog food.

Dog Food Can

To qualify, each wet dog food product on the list must have been rated at least four stars by the Advisor.

And it must be grain free.

Did we miss your favorite?

If you know of a canned grain free dog food that you believe should have been included on this list, please feel free to share your suggestions in the Comments section below.

Or if you’re looking for some suggestions yourself, be sure to look through our readers’ Comments to find more good ideas.

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Best Wet Grain Free Dog Foods

The following is a list of our top-rated wet dog food brands… each known to contain at least one grain free dog food.

  • Daniel Gunther

    Where is all the rave for Earthborn! 4health is ok, but if you look at the feed guidelines you end up spending more on feeding them more often 4H 80 pnd 5 cups, EB 80 pnd 3 1/4 cups ex. Tractor carries their feed they just need the can food!

  • Crazy4dogs

    This area of DFA groups the foods by rating. It might be helpful to you:

  • LanaKaneBitches

    I wished there was a comparison chart for all these brands. It would be easier to compare instead of having to open and read each link. Maybe I missed one on the site??

  • MH4life

    Late I know, but this totally sounds like a yeast infection. Start on grain free immediately, spray ACV on underbelly snd groin for immediate relief. Put 1/2 to 1 TBLS of ACV in waterbowl and change water evetyday. If she will eat it, mix ACV in to her food..

  • Lisa Switzer

    I feed Acana Ranchlands to my 12 yr old GSD and he is like a puppy! I also have 3 small rescue dogs who all eat the same food and love it. I am looking for a canned food to add a small amount as a “mix” like maybe 1-2 table spoons for my GSD and 1TBS for the little kids. we usually add ground elk that my husband hunts…so they are spoiled and don’t like to eat without something mixed in. this is a big list to go through. I would like to find a made in USA or Canada… great record on recalls, no other food brands made at the facility, organic…all the things that make Acana and other Champion foods great…. they don’t make a canned food though…any thoughts?

  • Bobby dog

    Hi JWMDMM:
    Here’s a form to fill out to request a review. I feed some TSC 4Health canned in my rotation. I checked out the GF when they first came out and decided not to feed them due to their high fat content.


    Curious to see the content review of the 4Health Grain Free canned dog food options. Two or three of the other 4Health canned dog foods have 5 star reviews, but the Grain Free options have not been reviewed yet. We don’t feed our dogs canned food as their main diet, but add a spoonful to their dry food as a treat, they love it! Still, we’d like for the canned food to be a higher quality food. We currently feed them Whole Earth Farms Grain Free at $1.99/can but Petco is over an hour away so we stock up when we are near there. Tractor Supply in our town carries 4Health Grain Free at $1.19/can so that might be an option depending on the quality. Will patiently await your analysis 🙂

  • Shawn Dunham

    We use Nature’s Domain from Costco, wet and dry and our pugs love it.

  • Bobby dog

    Hi Donna:
    Very lucky pup to be rescued from a puppy mill!! Sounds like each might have several medical conditions to take into consideration. Have you discussed changing foods with your Vet?

  • Donna

    I am in such a mind mix, so many dog foods so many good and really BAD. The quality is what matters and the good nutrition that my fur kids receive is very important. Both of my pets are now on Low Fat I/d Science Diet Chicken Stew. I HATE SCIENCE DIET..So, I am looking for something much better, quality and safe for them. Both are Yorkies, one male, 8 years old about 9 lbs. now. He is a puppymill Rescue and came to be a member of our family 2 years ago at age 6. He had five teeth pulled before he came and our dogtor had to pull 10 more. He is NEVER late for supper but does NOT like the Science Diet at all. But will eat. My other is a 9 year old Yorkie female. She had a high liver count and also suffered a problem with Pancreatitis, Walley did too) Loves vegetables: green pepper, broc. cauliflower, carrots, beets, etc. So, now I am looking for a Low Fat Canned food that is very low in fat but HIGH IN QUALITY and nutrition. They eat z/d dry, nibble more or less, because their older brother is on z/d and I don’t know if I dare change his food. He is 13, his name is Willie Bill and he is a Yorkie also. He has had allergies for many years now, I give him shots VERY ALLERGIC to Beef, potatoes of any kind, tomatoes, egg, to name a few, that doesn’t count weeds, trees, grass, bugs etc. He has a enlarged liver, #4-6 heart murmur, mitral valve problems, etc. He is loosing his eye site. Have had him to ISU Veterinary Medical Center and of course has his own dogtor. I have problems giving him Science Diet but am scared to change him now. Once in a while I give him a piece of chicken, chicken liver. Not keen on vegetables. Any suggestions?

  • Crazy4dogs

    Have you used different protein sources?

  • tia

    I have a 3 year old pitbull, at around 1 year old she started scratching her underbelly and groin area she started getting ear infections recurring all the time now she ALSO chews her paws raw, IVE TRIED EVERYTHING I need help my poor pup is miserable ive tried natures variety, blue widerness grain free, taste of the wild, racheal rays, nothing is helping at all, weve even tried just getting allergy pills and they worked for thr first two months n then stopped working

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