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Arsenic in Rice May Also Affect Dog Food

The recent discovery by the FDA of high levels of arsenic in rice makes it likely we’ll soon be hearing more about excessive levels of the same potentially hazardous substance

Sodium Selenite in Dog Food — Vital Nutrient or Dangerous Toxin?

Sodium selenite can be controversial substance when it’s used in a dog food recipe. That’s because although the mineral is essential for normal cell function in all animals, selenium can

Hip Dysplasia in Dogs Linked to Improper Diet

Hip dysplasia in dogs is a common condition in which the hip joint becomes malformed. The disease typically appears before a dog turns 18 months and can lead to severe

Why Dog Food Typically Contains More Fat Than What’s Printed on the Label

The Dog Food Advisor uses a practical method for estimating the carbohydrate content of dry foods. I use the same formulas in my books. Yet this technique doesn’t work as

The Truth About Animal By-Products in Dog Food

Article Updated 7/27/21 Animal by-products — what could be more controversial to dog food shoppers than animal by-products? These common pet food ingredients are loathed by many. Yet they’re accepted…

The Truth About Corn in Dog Food

Some insist corn is a nutritious dog food ingredient while others denounce it as a problematic cereal grain. So, what should you believe? What’s the truth about corn in dog

Dog Food Advisor ‘Live’ on Dog Talk Radio Show

The Dog Food Advisor will be a appearing on Tracie Hotchner’s two live radio shows… Dog Talk and Cat Chat. The first program, Cat Chat is scheduled for live broadcast

Low Fat Dog Food — Good or Bad for Your Pet?

Recently, low fat eating has become all the rage. It’s one of today’s most popular human dietary trends. So, it should come as no surprise that some dog food companies

Are Dogs Carnivores… or Omnivores?

Are dogs carnivores… or omnivores? The Great Debate goes on. And on. When it comes to choosing dog food, it’s important to know the answer to that question. So, if

Understanding Dog Food Nutrient Profiles

Ten amino acids. Twelve basic minerals. Eleven vitamins. And two kinds of fatty acids. Whew! No question about it… there certainly are plenty of canine nutrients to think about. What’s more…

Dry Dog Food and the Myth of Cleaner Teeth

Imagine going to your dentist and being told to forget using your toothbrush — because all you really need for good dental health is to simply eat a few crunchy

What Would the Ideal Dog Food Look Like?

Have you ever noticed how many different dog food designs there are on the market these days? High protein. Low carbohydrate. Holistic. All-natural. Organic. Grain-free. Raw dog foods. The list goes

Dry Matter Basis — A Better Way to Compare Dog Food

Moisture Content Makes Comparing Dog Food Difficult Without a measuring method known as dry matter basis, it can be impossible to accurately compare dog foods. That’s because pet food companies

Canine Diseases Linked to Grains in Dog Food (Part 1)

Dog food grains. Canine allergies. Could they be related? Well, in a word, maybe. Take bread mold. As unappetizing as it looks, bread mold can seem fairly harmless. Yet mold

The Controversy Over Menadione in Dog Food

Some call menadione a dog food necessity. Yet others reject it as a dangerous toxin. So, what exactly is menadione? And why is it being used in some dog food recipes

Metabolic Weight Helps Predict a Dog’s Daily Food Needs

Adult dogs can vary in size from 2 pounds to 250 pounds.  So, with such a huge range of sizes, how can you figure out how much food your dog

These 6 Dog Food Preservatives Could Be Toxic to Your Pet

When fed daily for a lifetime, synthetic dog food preservatives could be toxic to your pet. Why Preservatives Are Needed Although animal fats are a crucial part of every dog