Dog Food Advisor ‘Live’ on Dog Talk Radio Show


The Dog Food Advisor will be a appearing on Tracie Hotchner’s two live radio shows… Dog Talk and Cat Chat.

The first program, Cat Chat is scheduled for live broadcast on Wednesday, June 9, at 8 PM.

Dog Talk will be aired Saturday morning, June 12, at 11 AM. Both program times are eastern.

Tracie’s shows are always informative… sometimes controversial.

Her probing style and investigative reporting have made Tracie a celebrity to dog and cat lovers… nationwide.

Tracie is the author of two classic pet books… The Dog Bible and The Cat Bible.

As the direct result of a book she wrote in 1997 on the subject of pregnancy and childbirth, Tracie was invited to appear on both The Oprah Show and The Today Show.

Both Dog Talk and Cat Chat are live “call-in” shows. So, I’m really looking forward to answering your questions about my all-time favorite subject… “How to Choose a Great Dog Food”.

Tracie is a great host… and I can personally attest to the fact she’s a lot of fun to talk to.

See you then.

  • Thanks for your site – great info!

  • Hi Brian… Yes. I’m planning to begin work on Cat Food Advisor late this year (or early 2012). The website is already up and visible. But devoid of any usable content. Thanks much for the suggestion.

  • Hey Mike,
    Will you every make a Cat food advisor site similar to this one? Thanks for everything you do!

  • David

    Opps, my bad. I found the newer shows on iTunes. It’s show #172. Cool now we all can hear all about Mike and his great site.

  • David

    I missed the live show and was hoping to catch the podcast on iTunes, but the newest show for this year is 4/28/10. Oh well maybe Tracie’s crew will get around to uploading the newer shows. I’ll keep checking.

  • Well hello Adele and Daisy – Isn’t this fun, having a Love-In at Dr Mike’s place?! It’s wonderful news that with help from myself and Dr. Mike that you were able to get Daisy onto a high quality kibble, but now I’m even more eager to make sure you get the true nutritional message I have been talking about for years; KIBBLE ALONE IS NOT A BALANCED DIET FOR A DOG. Please take some time and re-visit my website to understand the logic behind the idea that feeding only a highly-processed food is short-changing our dogs. They are omnivorous carnivores and as such, they need real meat and other protein, as well as vegetables. The protein and possible vegetables in kibble have been put through so much heat and other manipulation that a great deal of the food value is destroyed, even with the nicest kibble. So you need to feed Daisy with real meat, fish, chicken, eggs or cottage cheese at every single meal that equals at least 1/2 of what’s in the bowl. In addition, real vegetables like carrots, broccoli, celery – whatever you can cook up – are important for vitamins and digestion. lf you want to try a food that was developed according to my nutritional theory of a truly well-balanced meal from quality ingredients that are less processed, go to to get a free sample of two meals for Daisy – click on “Get a Trial” and at check out put TRACIE in the code box (any of Dr Mike’s other readers are welcome to do the same – visit my website at to find out more about dog food in general). From Proportions you’ll get a 3-course meal of your choice of kibble plus a pouch of hand-carved chicken breast in pumpkin soup, and a packet of freeze dried vegetables and fruits with digestive enzymes. It is unique in the dog food world I am truly proud that my dream diet now exists. If Daisy loves it as much as I expect she will, you can sign up to get monthly delivery and have this superb meal ready without having to lift a finger yourself. Hope you’ll call into one of my live weekly radio shows sometime and say Hi (information about how to call in is on my website, too).

  • Adele Simons

    My whole understanding and opinion about dog food has changed dramatically in the last two weeks. I first heard Beth Ostrosky Stern on Howard Stern’s Sirius Satellite Radio show (she’s his wife) discussing her new book called “Oh, My Dog” She commented that when she was doing the research for her book, she discovered that her dog’s food contained peanut shells! She became so alarmed that she started researching what was in dog food. At the time, I was feeding my Pomeranian, Daisy, the food that was recommended by my veterinarian as “the best” food for her – Purina Pro Plan. Well, I decided that if someone as famous and wealthy as Howard could be feeding his dog peanut shells, then I better go find out what is in my dog’s food. I immediately went on the Internet and started researching dog food but every site I came across was sponsored by or sold one dog food or another. I kept seeing references to the “DogFoodAdvisor” so I went on the site and the rest is history!!!! I found Tracie Hotchner’s comment commending the website as well as mentioning that she was going to invite Dr. Sagman to come on her show. Then, today, I got an email from announcing that Dr. Sagman will be appearing on Tracie’s show in June! WOW! In the meantime, I switched Daisy to the 5 star rated Blue Buffalo (after exchanging emails with Dr. Sagman) and I can already see the difference!!!!! Daisy was shedding like crazy (daily) on Purina Pro Plan and her shedding has virtually stopped! I also see a big difference in her “bowel habits” plus she loves the taste! It even smells better. My only concern is why does my vet recommend such an inferior product? I will be reading and listening to Mike and Tracie from now on!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!
    Adele Simons and Daisy
    Orlando, FL

  • Hey Mike, it’s me, Tracie! We are going to have such a blast discussing how you came up with the amazing concept of a DOG FOOD DASHBOARD with controls to display the proportions of ingredients in every food. I love your website, I admire your dedication to getting to the bottom of every food and I am grateful for your long hard journey to do all this mind-numbing research on behalf of our dogs. I look forward to interviewing you about how you became a self-professed Dog Food Geek -join the club! Just a note to your fans & followers about my shows – they are both live shows with call-in numbers. DOG TALK is broadcast live on NPR station 88.3FM from Southampton NY but anyone anywhere can listen live online where it streams on, while CAT CHAT (where despite the name I answer dog food questions constantly!) is live on the Martha Stewart channel of SiriusXM satellite radio -Sirius channel #112 and XM #157. Looking forward to spending some time with you- and meeting some of your followers on my shows!