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How to Choose Dog Food

Mike Sagman


Mike Sagman
Mike Sagman

Mike Sagman


Dr Mike Sagman is the creator of the Dog Food Advisor. He founded the website in 2008, after his unquestioning trust in commercial dog food led to the tragic death of his dog Penny.

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Updated: March 7, 2024

The following items represent some of The Dog Food Advisor’s most frequently asked questions about how to choose a dog food.

Choosing dog food seems so confusing. How can I learn the basics?

Watch Dr. Karen Becker’s short video and go shopping with her as she presents the basics on how to choose a dog food.

There are so many dog foods to pick from, can you help me find the best one for my pet?

We truly wish we could take the time to search the many dog foods on our website to help you find one that meets your pet’s special needs. However, the Dog Food Advisor was never designed to provide custom services of this nature.

What’s the best way to pick one myself?

Why not limit your search to the 3, 4 and 5-star products we’ve already screened from the thousands of recipes currently available.

Or for help finding a special type, see our Best Dog Foods page for links to some of our suggested products.

And be sure to also check the comments at the end of each review to see what our readers (the real experts) have to say, too.

Can you compare two different dog foods for me?

Unfortunately, time does not permit us to provide personalized product comparisons.

Besides, since each dog responds to a particular food in its own way, it would be impossible for us to compare two or more recipes and predict which one would be the right choice for your pet.

My dog has a specific health problem. Can you recommend a food that could help his condition?

Unfortunately, since we are not veterinarians, we try to limit our services to reading and interpreting pet food labels only.

We never attempt to judge the ability of any dog food to address certain problems or deliver specific health benefits.

What’s better… canned or dry dog food?

Because of their low cost and unbeatable convenience, dry kibbles are the most popular dog foods in use.

But they’re not always the best. Canned foods can be some of the best (and most overlooked) choices available.

Although there are situations when feeding either one might be the better choice, there are also times when mixing the two together (a process known as topping) makes an especially tasty meal.

To learn more, see our article, “What’s Better… Canned or Dry Dog Food?

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