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    Hi HDM. They are only getting the canned food as toppers and even then it is one can divided up between them, once a week. That way it won’t increase their calories too much over what they are used to. The label calls for 5 cans a day for the biggest one and even at .99 per, that would be prohibitively expensive feeding cans only. I can’t imagine ever feeding them that way. I’m sure there are folks who do that and get the 4 dollar canned food and that’s real nice but that is strictly a choice. Sort of like people who put hi- test gas only in their cars when a lower grade will do just as well but if it costs a bunch it has to be better…right?. There are experts who will argue both ways on that one. My dogs recognize when I bring a can out to feed them. They are spinning around with big happy eyes because they know this meal is gonna be extra good.
    have a good one

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    Our dogs enthusiastically ate it and given all the ingredients on the label that look like the good stuff, I plan on picking up more as long as it lasts. I have been shopping Big Lots since they opened here and never have I seen food this good. Usually Gravy Train and other super market grade items that I avoid. Still though, its Big Lots and that is why I was a bit cautious. If this had been on the shelves of a certain high end pet supply store here ,I wouldn’t have given it a second thought. This store only carries the top brands of everything pet and their prices reflect this but I still want to shop there anyway. I don’t mind having baloney sandwiches and spam as long as my dogs get the good stuff or at least the best I can afford. So far I think they are doing well with what I get them.

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    Hi HDM. On the front label it reads: made with real chicken and goes on with Chelated minerals for better absorption. Sounds good so far, next line is “good omega 6 to 3 ratio”
    bran & flaxseed….product of USA
    on the back;:Chicken, chicken broth, beef liver, beef lung, ocean fish, oat bran, tomato paste, flaxseed flour, and after this is a bunch of elements & vitamins and minerals

    their guaranteed analysis:
    crude protien(min)….9%
    crude fat(min)………..6%
    crude fiber(max)…….1.5%
    It goes on to say it meets nutrition levels of AAFCO for all stages of a dogs life.
    So this food doesn’t look all that bad really and it made me wonder why it’s at Big Lots. I have bought other canned food from them and after checking here I was too leery to feed it and got rid of it. I think it was Harmony Farms. or some such. It looks as though it would rate at least a 4, maybe a 5 but I just don’t know if there have been any problems with the maker.

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