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    Hi folks. This being my first topic I’m not sure if this is where to start it so here goes. This afternoon I was at Big Lots and found this food. It’s .90 cents a can and the ingredients look good but, I can’t find anything on it here. We are on a fixed income, more or less, and this looks attractive right now. We all know that Big Lots will have products on a temporary basis and may or may not see it again. Anyway I got 6 cans for our two dogs to try- 3 chicken entre’e and 3 beef. They eat “Victor” brand dry in the purple bag and for a weekly surprise I will mix some wet food in. Usually TOTW or maybe “Chicken Soup”. It doesn’t matter to them, they tear it up. It’s distributed by Performance Pet Products out of Mitchel, SD. Has anyone seen this food? Thanks.

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    Hound Dog Mom

    Hi woodcutter –

    Could you post the ingredients list and general analysis? I located the food on the Big Lots website but it doesn’t list the ingredients. On the Performance Pet Products website they list the ingredients and general analysis (which looks pretty good) for a food called “Canine Cattle Company” – the logo looks the same as the food sold at Big Lots but the name is slightly different and the cans have a different picture on the front so I’m not sure that these foods are the same.

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    Hi HDM. On the front label it reads: made with real chicken and goes on with Chelated minerals for better absorption. Sounds good so far, next line is “good omega 6 to 3 ratio”
    bran & flaxseed….product of USA
    on the back;:Chicken, chicken broth, beef liver, beef lung, ocean fish, oat bran, tomato paste, flaxseed flour, and after this is a bunch of elements & vitamins and minerals

    their guaranteed analysis:
    crude protien(min)….9%
    crude fat(min)………..6%
    crude fiber(max)…….1.5%
    It goes on to say it meets nutrition levels of AAFCO for all stages of a dogs life.
    So this food doesn’t look all that bad really and it made me wonder why it’s at Big Lots. I have bought other canned food from them and after checking here I was too leery to feed it and got rid of it. I think it was Harmony Farms. or some such. It looks as though it would rate at least a 4, maybe a 5 but I just don’t know if there have been any problems with the maker.

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    This is from their website:

    “Performance Pet Products along with Canine Cattle Company, a respected name in dog treats for years are brands of the 4th largest meat processor in the U.S., American Foods Group. We are a company devoted to quality. Due to numerous pet food recalls lately, quality and safety have been concerns. We take these concerns very seriously-that’s why we have built a plant in Mitchell, South Dakota devoted to the production of human grade dog and cat food from the highest quality
    ingredients available”


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    Our dogs enthusiastically ate it and given all the ingredients on the label that look like the good stuff, I plan on picking up more as long as it lasts. I have been shopping Big Lots since they opened here and never have I seen food this good. Usually Gravy Train and other super market grade items that I avoid. Still though, its Big Lots and that is why I was a bit cautious. If this had been on the shelves of a certain high end pet supply store here ,I wouldn’t have given it a second thought. This store only carries the top brands of everything pet and their prices reflect this but I still want to shop there anyway. I don’t mind having baloney sandwiches and spam as long as my dogs get the good stuff or at least the best I can afford. So far I think they are doing well with what I get them.

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    i would never feed my dog food from big lots or any of those “cheap stores” there most likely to sell non known name brand foods. would you feed yourself non known name brands foods? I only feed my animals holistic health extension dry/canned food. it is 95% real meat and has tons of vitamins and minerals in it

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    Hound Dog Mom

    Hey Woodcutter –

    I would go for it if your dogs seem to be doing well on it. Looks like a great deal for a quality food. Some other reasonably priced quality foods to give you more options are Pure Balance – Dr. Mike just rated their canned foods 5 stars and they’re available at Walmart the grain-inclusive is $1 per can and the 95% meat is $1.25 per can, Cosco carries Kirkland Cuts & Gravy which is $0.79 per can and rated 5 stars and Tractor Supply carries 4Health for $0.99 per can which is rated 4.5 stars.

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    Hi HDM. They are only getting the canned food as toppers and even then it is one can divided up between them, once a week. That way it won’t increase their calories too much over what they are used to. The label calls for 5 cans a day for the biggest one and even at .99 per, that would be prohibitively expensive feeding cans only. I can’t imagine ever feeding them that way. I’m sure there are folks who do that and get the 4 dollar canned food and that’s real nice but that is strictly a choice. Sort of like people who put hi- test gas only in their cars when a lower grade will do just as well but if it costs a bunch it has to be better…right?. There are experts who will argue both ways on that one. My dogs recognize when I bring a can out to feed them. They are spinning around with big happy eyes because they know this meal is gonna be extra good.
    have a good one

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    Helene D

    II I bought this food a few years ago at Big Lots. It was a a very good food. I bought up as much as I could. They ran out of it. I was at Big Lots today and sure enough it was back. Two flavors Hearty Turkey Stew which has great ingredients and the Duck Loaf that also had good ingredients but it has potatoes in it and I do not feed my dogs food that has white potatoes only sweet potatoes. Buy it while you can.

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    James K

    I just found (and purchased) this brand of wet dog food. It was on sale at Menard’s for .63 cents a can. I bought a couple (after reading these posts) to try out. I think the ingredients sound pretty good. Doesn’t expire until September of 2021. I find it odd that these posts are so old.

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