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    Carolyn P

    My dog was orphaned at 1 week of age.

    I got her the initial puppy vaccinations and one rabies vaccination AFTER she got over being so sickly (she was almost 2 when she had her rabies vaccination).

    I do not vaccinate my dogs and titering is $295, which I don’t do either. I **may** consider rabies only for the reason that IF by some bizarre circumstance my dog was bitten there is no cure for rabies, only euthanasia. I couldn’t live with myself knowing that I “could” have done something to prevent it. But again, it’s really unlikely they would ever be bitten by a rabid animal.

    I also don’t treat for fleas/ticks and I do heartworm testing only (May and November), I don’t do heartworm medication.

    I also don’t do lepto, kennel cough, etc. I don’t believe in poisoning my dogs.

    I have a dog that was vaccinated for rabies twice in a 2 week period in error (no longer go to that vet). I believe he now suffers some ill effects from that.

    I don’t buy into the vaccinations.

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    Carolyn P

    Hi Carl L:

    I feed my pack of Chi’s twice a day, and they each get approximately 100 grams twice a day.

    The 700 ml jar of supplement lasts me just over a month. I cook weekly.

    I haven’t ever added up the cost of using Hilary’s, perhaps I should one day. But the cost didn’t really matter to me if it meant my dogs were healthy, which in turn meant fewer trips to the Vet. After spending a year in emergency clinics with the sickly one, I didn’t think twice about the cost to feed, I only knew I was never going to feed commercial again.

    I started her on Orijen and it nearly killed her, too high in protein. The Wellness, then Taste of the Wild, the ONLY thing that righter her ills was Hilary’s. I feed R12 for the most part with a transitioning recipe thrown in periodically just for a change.

    My one chi is a chubby wee thing with a heart condition, so she gets an entirely different diet altogether (still Hilary’s).

    I swear by it. As long as I’m able, I’ll be homecooking.

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    Carolyn P

    No Frills also sells Safflower Oil and the Cod Liver oil is cheapest at Rexall. I use Eicosaderm for the salmon oil and that has to be purchased at the Vet’s.

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    Carolyn P

    The tomato sauce in Hilary’s recipes is between 5 & 15% by weight. It poses no risk to dogs and in fact is virtually the ONLY food source of the anti-cancer phytonutrient lycopene.

    My dogs have been on Hilary’s for 3 years and are healthy, with no issues.

    I had one that had liver issues and was sickly, at the recommendation of a Veterinary Hospital, they suggested I leave things as they were food wise (not switch from Hilary’s) and she now has no issues – no liver issues, no oxalate issues.

    One hour in the kitchen (not sure what you’re doing that takes you 3 hours) once a week is a small amount of time to spend if it ensures my pack is healthy.

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    Carolyn P

    Great homemade diet is Hilary’s Complete and Balanced.

    Have been feeding it to my pack of Chihuahua’s for 3 years now.

    It’s a recipe book and a supplement. Lots of variety including recipes for dogs with health concerns.

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    Carolyn P

    I homecook for my dogs and use a supplement called Hilary’s Complete and Balanced.

    Available at Vet’s, it comes with a recipe book, and the supplement.

    I have been feeding my pack of chihuahua’s this for 3 years now and they are all in great health.

    I had a sickly little one 2 years ago – and the Hilary’s turned her around – no more crystals in her urine, her liver issues cleared up.

    I highly recommend it.

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