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    Dean S

    Dogs are not vegans. That said, having green beans, pumpkin, peas (all soft and cooked people not raw from garden) are a safe FILLER.

    Dogs need meat and fish. Lentils? Legumes of any kind? Even humans do not consume these well.

    That being said, the FDA “hit list” does not have one brand by the BIG BOYS such as Purina, Iams, Science Diet (Purina I believe) and let’s all remember, just like our food supply, the big grocers and major global companies are doing their best to control and lord over our food supply. They do the same with pet food.

    Also if you feed your dog 100% dry kibble, grain free or otherwise and they are NOT ACTIVE, that kibble sits in gut half digested. Just like someone drinking Gatorade and eating bread all day, sitting on the couch and no working out, you get FAT.

    We have 4 dogs, I walk them every day at least 1 mile, and they have Only Natural Pet Power Fusion kibble as 1/4 their meal rest I make.

    Many have purchased “designer dogs’ have them in a tiny apartment, walk perhaps a few times a week tops, leave them home alone while they are at work, and feed them the latest and greatest fashionable dog food. Dogs need to RUN and play every day and they are carnivores.

    It’s really that simple.

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    Dean S

    ONLY NATURAL PET COLORADO – JERKY STRIPS, CAGE FREE CHICKEN FLAVOR, last order 1 bag out of 6 received completely covered in MOLD!

    So bad these looked green/dark gray. I have taken photos and written to ONLY NATURAL PET, will keep everyone updated as they reply.

    Their products are usually top of the line, we have had no issues for the past 12 months ordering, but this is a big concern. And even though the other 5 bags appeared fine, it is the same batch/LOT number how can we be sure there is not unseen mold growth as well.

    VERY disappointing let’s see how they react.

    Dean Smith

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)