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    stools are solid. Main issue is with the male pup. He will eat on average 10-12 cups split into two feedings 5-6 cups. He’ll eat look for more wait till the pack finishes eating. Will go back to see if anyone left kibble behind. its getting harder to maintain weight on him.
    I do the pumpkin only when he has a weak tummy.

    thinking of switching back to a food w/grain like innova

    in reply to: Puppy mill rescue allergic to everything! #29948 Report Abuse

    only help on food I could suggest is that A lot times its suggested to switch from land to sea then to air. SO if you pet is allergic to lamb or chicken which many are, switch to a food blend that contains fish formulas . If that doesn’t work go to air like turkey duck etc

    That’s a big list of allergies. Poor baby needs a portable doggie bubble

    I would wash all his new bedding clothes with dreft baby detergent

    Im sure you can find plenty of items that are hypoallergenic

    in reply to: Brands of dog food made by Diamond #29941 Report Abuse

    Solid gold?

    in reply to: Emaciated Great Dane nutritional advice needed #26722 Report Abuse

    My guess is the food…like chicken some dogs respond the same way to lamb. Lamb tends to cause skin allergies and yeasty ears…that’s my experience with it.
    Protein levels are a bit low …whats the fat%…cal%—its also a Diamond Product..known for recalls. I would switch imo
    Most important thing right now is for him not to gorge into food.
    Remember fleas have a 28 day cycle…would use capstar to make sure. then a preventative.
    Have you read up on satin balls for weight gain?
    Have you tried bitter apple on his paws? Does he have chew toys accessible?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)