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    Is there a list of Brands made by Diamond Dog Food Company. I really need this info. I would certainly appreciate it.
    [email protected]

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    Hmm.. Lets see, and I am sure I will miss some-

    4Health-Tractor Supply Grain INCLUSIVE ONLY-
    Taste OF the Wild(their own brand!)
    All Diamond
    Chicken Soup(Diamond brand)
    Some of the Solid Gold dry foods
    Canidae(except for the small amount at Ethos on West coast)
    Natural balance(but guessing that changed since buy out a few mths ago?)

    Whata am I missing…anyone?

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    Costco!!! Thei brands Kirkland and Natures domain I believe

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    Brands of dog food made by diamond.
    Thank you so very much any further info is appreciated

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    I don’t think Natures Domain is made by Diamond, just the Kirklands is.

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    It’s Kirkland Signature Natures Domain and at least one of the formulas was definitely involved in the Diamond recall, so yes, they are made by Diamond.

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    I hope this list stays up to date. This is a company that makes products I am very interested in avoiding.

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    Solid gold?

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    I believe Diamond makes the Solid Gold foods that contain bison like Just a Wee Bit and Wolf King. Still, I like Solid Gold and would feel so much better about them if they’d sever ties with Diamond completely.

    What about Artemis? I believe that’s a Diamond product.

    Oh, and we now know that the two newest 4Health Grain Free formulas, pork and duck, are made by Diamond while currently the other grain free formulas are made by Ainsworth.

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    Hound Dog Mom

    As far as I know Hundchen Flocken, Wolf Cub, Hund-n-Flocken, Wolf King and Just a Wee Bit are the Solid Gold products made by Diamond.

    Yes – Artemis is made by Diamond.

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    They also make Professional and have been known to make some of Natural Balance.

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    Premium Edge and Country Value

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