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    Hi guys,
    Being one of the fellow concerned pet owners whom have been feeding our dear furry kids with Acana lamb and Apple, I chanced upon this forum and decided to sign up so I could post and share my point of views after doing some research on my own and consultation with a Friend whom works in a third party testing lab that involves testing dog food.

    Firstly, if the metal toxicity is reported falsely, it is still way below the maximum tolerance level (MTL) so stop beating yourself up. For example, the lawsuit claims arsenic level as around 4mg/kg in contrast to Champion’s advertised 0.89mg/kg, 4mg/kg is still way below the MTL of 12.5mg/kg. Hence, even it’s falsely reported, the metal toxicity is still not going to wreck havoc for your pet’s health from Acana food.

    Secondly, it is possible for both sides to have been reporting “truly” in their personal point of view. The discrepancy might be due to the use of different equipments for the testing that might have resulted in different results.

    Thirdly, for some of you m whom reported vomitting and diarrhoea, possibly it is not Acana at work so you might want to look out for other potential causes in order to identify the exact issue to find the root cause. Personally, my Pomeranian has been on Acana for many years and he’s doing great. His visit to the vet for illness before ten years old was kept to once a year max or for some years, zero. He is not even a Pedigree.

    I am sharing because I could understand the self-beating after feeding our pets for years with Acana with the best infection for them only to feel guilty and defeated. Also, what else am I going to feed. Should I throw away that full pack of Acana? Chill and relax, if you go into details and do some calculation, the metal toxicity is not of concern. You guys are doing great. 🙂

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