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    Karen G

    Our Goldendoole puppy has had a good week strictly on Sojos. Stools are formed, good volume and often. I plan on another week of Sojos and then slowly try a kibble.
    What would be good for a puppy who had extensive diarrhea?
    Is it normal to feed him three to four times a day, one cup? How do I get this down to two feelings per day? So happy no more diarrhea.

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    Karen G

    Has any one heard of SOJOS? Our Goldendoddle is 6 months old. Rough start with severely infested giardiasis and round worm. That is no longer an issue, thankfully.
    But puppy’s soupy diarrhea continued. Tried several recommended puppy kibble no no avail.
    Then I met a shopper at the pet store and she suggested I try SOJOS or at least go to the pet specialty shop and get the sample they offer. Shopper also commented on how poodles had sensitive digestive system and some people swear by this food. Mentally I wasn’t willing to give up on kibble but did pick up the sample. After another week of distressing diarrhea I was at my wits end. I gave our sweet puppy the sample. By the following day he produced a formed poop. I was estactic. For months our puppy was off and on a kibble thought to be the answer to his problem. Always had to go back to the boiled chicken and long grain rice.
    SOJOS is working. However, puppy is now 40 pounds. I’m feeding him four times a day. Starting at 5 am ending at 7 pm. He is very slender and full of happy energy.
    This latest dog food success is quite pricy. Raw freeze dried turkey mix. Only a handful of ingredients compared to the kibbles. Have to add water. Puppy is not picky but there is a definite joy when he discovers I’m preparing this food compared to chicken and rice.
    I’m hoping to eventually switch to a kibble once I feel confident things are settled.
    Our daughter has the brother litter mate and other than the parasite infestation she had no issues with her puppy. The breeder offered to take our puppy back or give us a refund ifhe test positive for a genetic issue. That cost $200. I’m seriously thinking I should do this. Of course we will not give back our boy. I can see how people give up on their animal if they have issues such as ours. Our puppy’s care is 24/7. Only two accidents in our home.
    Any suggestions or comments out there?

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