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  • Hi Pitlove – I’m not sure that the cans are being damaged or tainted during transport.

    I always buy 3 cases each of Eagle Pack chicken, beef, and lamb (9 total) when I order from Chewy. On the last order (in the YouTube video) each of the cases of lamb had one or two popped top cans. The cans were completely undamaged – no dents or dings – so for there to be air in the cans indicates a processing problem somewhere during the canning. The beef and chicken formulas were both fine (except for a couple of dented cans).

    On the previous order of 9 cases, again only the lamb formula was really strange looking. There were voids in the top of the food with greasy globs (when I called Eagle Pack I was told it was broth), and dried food around the edges of the void. Again, I suspect that the cans were either sitting open long enough for the food to dry before processing, or air was present in the cans after processing. I sent the following images to Eagle Pack and that was when I was told to contact Chewy if I wanted a refund.

    I can live with a few dented cans, especially since Chewy is always so understanding about refunding if the cans are badly damaged. But I can’t live with tainted/spoiled food that causes bloody diarrhea and vomiting in my female boxer, and liquid diarrhea in both of my boxers that takes a week to clear up, and I really think that Eagle Pack is responsible due to issues with their lamb formula canning process.

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    Also, be sure and check out Fromm Grain Free foods – I use the beef frittata for my boxers. It’s a little pricey but they both love it and as far as I can tell Fromm has never had a recall. If you’re looking for wet foods, I’d recommend By Nature.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)