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    Hi all –

    I recently ordered 3 cases of Eagle Pack lamb formula canned food and had some major issues. I was wondering if anyone else who is using it had noticed any problems.

    I’ve posted a video here: where you can see that some of the cans have popped tops, others are so badly dented that I wouldn’t use them on a bet. Unfortunately, before I noticed the popped tops I had fed both of my boxers a few of the cans. Junebug ended up with vomiting and diarrhea (bloody the first day), and Mike just had diarrhea. It took a week for them to both recover, and several days of feeding Junebug rice and boiled chicken just to get her to eat. refunded the full price of the three cases, even though they are in no way responsible for the issue. I had called Eagle Pack on an earlier issue with this food where there were pockets of air in the cans, with dried food encrusted around the edges. They said the food was safe, but to contact Chewy for a refund if I wanted. Needless to say, I won’t be buying the lamb formula by Eagle Pack again.

    If anyone else has experience with this particular food, please chime in, good or bad.

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    Hi Junebugandmike

    The issues that happened with your cases of cans actually is typically not the fault of the company at all. Cans tend to get damaged in transport from the canning facility to the warehouse or pet store. When I worked for an independent pet store we often got deliveries of cases of cans that were dented or had even “exploded” and we would have to return them to the distributor. It was obvious that it happened in transport because we could see that the cans had heavy boxes on top of them or had been smashed against the side of the truck.

    Chewy should not having knowingly sold you dented cans that had popped lids or any other issues, so I would hope that they would refund your money.

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    Hi Pitlove – I’m not sure that the cans are being damaged or tainted during transport.

    I always buy 3 cases each of Eagle Pack chicken, beef, and lamb (9 total) when I order from Chewy. On the last order (in the YouTube video) each of the cases of lamb had one or two popped top cans. The cans were completely undamaged – no dents or dings – so for there to be air in the cans indicates a processing problem somewhere during the canning. The beef and chicken formulas were both fine (except for a couple of dented cans).

    On the previous order of 9 cases, again only the lamb formula was really strange looking. There were voids in the top of the food with greasy globs (when I called Eagle Pack I was told it was broth), and dried food around the edges of the void. Again, I suspect that the cans were either sitting open long enough for the food to dry before processing, or air was present in the cans after processing. I sent the following images to Eagle Pack and that was when I was told to contact Chewy if I wanted a refund.

    I can live with a few dented cans, especially since Chewy is always so understanding about refunding if the cans are badly damaged. But I can’t live with tainted/spoiled food that causes bloody diarrhea and vomiting in my female boxer, and liquid diarrhea in both of my boxers that takes a week to clear up, and I really think that Eagle Pack is responsible due to issues with their lamb formula canning process.

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    They shouldn’t be canning their Lamb formula differently than any other formula, unless a different canning facility is doing it. There are companies out there that have different canning facilities canning different formulas. No idea why. “Dave’s” did that for a while too, until the Evanger’s recall.

    I would ask them who they use for canning. If they won’t tell you, I wouldn’t use the product again.

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