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    My totally anecdotal experience.
    For, 3 Bouviers des Flandres(2 male, 1 female).
    Catelyn(70lb), she’ll be 3 this November.
    Butkus(130lb..high weight, 100lb current weight), he’s 13 and will be 14 next March 2018.
    Harley(90lb), lived to be 11years, had bone/joint birth defects. His back went out and he couldn’t stand or control his bowels @ the end.

    I fed Harley and Butkus Blue Buffalo for 11 years. I had no health concerns and no soft stools. Catie has had soft stools as long as I’ve had her. I’ve had her checked by the vet several times, nothing has been diagnosed.
    VET Recommended: 1TBsp Metamucil plain, this worked a little.

    ToTW High Plains puppy: I fed this as recommended by the breeder.
    BB Salmon/Sweet potato: Switched to this to match Harley and Butkus lifetime meals.
    Victor Hero: Switched after some BB recalls. I was looking for U.S. made, reliable company. Butkus had no issues, and the food has glucosamine. Catie still had soft stools.

    LOCAL Recommendations: From locally owned Pet food dealers were Probiotics, using goat milk or green tripe.

    Tripett Beef: pure green tripe a very stinky suplement. I feed once every 2-3 weeks(Catey only).
    Orijen Regional Red(US): Very high ratings, controlled ingredient sources, U.S. made in KY. Pricey @ $95/25lb bag. Butkus 1.5 cups morning and night, Catie 2.25cups morning 1.5cups night.

    Both dogs have firm stools.

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