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    GM, as an owner of two dogs that have developed seizures, I have stopped using all flea shampoo and meds.
    All gave my dogs seizures even when I cut the dose down in half or diluted the shampoo.
    It was horrible to watch and know I was the cause.
    I trusted the vets advise and numerous good rating on shampoos on Amazon before purchasing. All with disaterous results.
    My dogs bite and scratch at the spots where the spot drops were applied, hair lose and skin bubbling.
    First thing I did..
    A Luke warm bath a gentle shampoo and wash Ed rinsed and repeated..3 times until the pain and sting went away.
    Next I gave Activated Charcoal 1 three times daily for the first 4 days. By day two they were back to normal.
    I will never use any drop, oral or shampoo in or on my dogs ever again. They are all toxins and have killed many pets.
    Oh but I have fleas or my dogs haven’t had seizures sonit must be ok? You are wrong. You are poisoning your animal.
    So what do you do ??
    First a swim if your near the ocean.
    If not. Fill two containers in the tub.( I use a plastic clothing bin)
    With Luke warm water. Put dog in water take out in tub and put diluted blue Dawn dish liquid on it. Lather up good making sure to hit the neck first to stop fleas running to the head. Keep lathering until you see dead fleas. If u can get a flea comb or regular comb through hair do so. Separate the fur look for fleas close to the skin. Take a large cup dip some water out of container and rinse off some of the soap. Then repeat again rubbing on the Dawn. Using your hands massage in make sure not to get in the eyes, make sure you do feet and tail. After ten minutes. Put in first container of warm water. The waiting should come up to the neck. Now using your hand gently massage the shampoo out.
    Put dog back into tub an put on good conditioner. Massage in.
    Put dog into clean second container of warm water rinse well.
    Repeat after a few days to kill off any eggs
    After bath use Cedarcide or Wondercide. A must have.
    Wash all dog bedding, your sheets as well if they sleep there. Vacuum. Empty bag and vacuum again.
    For those of you who use meds to control seizures after. I chose not to even though my vet suggested them. I use the Activated Charcoal. It absorbs toxins in humans and dogs.
    I am not a doctor and am giving this as advise
    I have had many dogs over the years and all though I used spot on products on my large dogs with little affect, I realized now it affected them in ways I couldn’t see. It is posion and should not be used. I don’t live in an area with ticks so I don’t have that problem. I live in a very warm high humidity country with a large amount of roaming cat’s. So fleas are abundant.
    I also put coconut oil in my hands warm it and rub into my dogs to keep skin from drying out, which also causes itching.
    Or let them lick it up.
    Good luck everyone please look up the cedar oil

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