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    Hey Doodlemom, I’ve been meaning to reply to you but I had some serious issues with my computer that kept showing the site as an error.

    I have a pup with really bad stomach issues, we can’t really figure out what it is but what does help her is this little concoction I came up with, it settles the stomach and any acid reflux that may be present. The most important items to add based on my dog of course are as follows.

    Super greens powder, this means chlorella, barley grass and wheat grass and spirulina, it’s very good in neutralising acidity and I feel it helps her out the most, when I didn’t add it I noticed her relief was very short lived or not present at all and her pain continued to depress her.

    Ginger, settles the stomach very effectively and from personal experience using it in a turmeric tea daily helps for several hours. I’ve noticed it helps her a lot too.

    Goat milk powder, reduces the heat of the ginger while providing it’s own set of relief, I was able to eat the powder when I was sick, which said a lot because I couldn’t stomach any dairy at all.

    Probiotic and Enzyme both are together, they help her immensely and help her digest her food as I’ve noticed she doesn’t digest food very effectively and then has pains from that, but she gets pain in the mornings too which is why I reckon acid reflux.

    These you can try if you want but are not necessarily necessary, turmeric with pepper for anti inflammatory action, settles the stomach for me, for her she was able to have it, but now she pukes it up usually onto the white carpet so I’ve stopped giving it to her.

    Colostrum powder, provides nutrients to the body, gives them a healthy immune system and helps with heart disease supposedly.

    Bone broth, same thing nutrients, immunity, joint health, heart health, may help with stomach problems.

    I also give her a digestive support powder but I think it’s only available in Australia, this helps her immensely.

    You mix these things together into water and you administer them with a faux needle or the pup drinks it and you wait 15 to 30 mins for it to start working it’s magic before offering food.

    Of course this works for my dog, you can try it with yours but do take into account that it may or may not work. But it’s a natural option to try if you want.

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    Wow Susan you go all out when you respond haha.

    Rusty is about 8-9 at this point, I don’t think we have his papers and so were not 100% sure if it’s 8 or 9 but he’s definitely getting old, I have ordered and received samples of Totw, they were pretty reluctant to send them to me because of postage charges, but I don’t live anywhere near a shop that stocks their samples, so they let me have 2 samples in the end, high praire I think and coastal(should be bison one and fish one).

    He has done well on black hawk fish and potato, I wanted to add some oils to his food because of what I’ve read about them, they help me with my joints and nerve so I figured it would help with his joints and coat and it did.

    But it also seems that after the dry and the blend he started to have more problems, so maybe it wasn’t the best idea in the end, I’ll make sure to tell mum to feed him the kibble once a week as a treat instead.

    His teeth are generally awful looking, he does need a professional anaesthesia cleaning that’s for sure, he’s impossible when it comes to brushing, I’ve tried and failed like a pro every time, he’s super strong and he scratches me up real good so I stopped trying.

    I will definitely be taking him to the vet for a more thorough check up, because he means the world to my mum, as in if she looses sight of him for 5 minutes she starts to panic and I would hate to see him die from something that could of been prevented(if it’s anything bad to begin with, could just be pancreatitis pains).

    He’s also a white cream chihuahua 😛 and the puppy is white with tan spots she’s so gorgeous everyone always complements the way she looks when we’re out its super cute.

    And for you Susan the kibble is just a treat, we actually feed homemade cooked, he’s always been on a chicken and rice with veggies diet, he does the best on this diet and hardly ever has flare ups, when he does it’s usually my fault because I try to add some variety to his food and some extra vitamins and minerals and than he gets sick and I don’t mean to, it just happens.

    I think because of how well he did with black hawk if I feel like adding anything for his joints in the future I might add that and he did really well on the k9 natural venison freeze dried and super well on ziwipeak venison, I might just buy those from time to time as I know he did well on them, he’s gone through 5 ziwipeak bags with only two flare ups, so yeah I might just stick with that and stop trying new things that clearly aren’t working in his favor.

    I’ll keep an eye on Anja while she’s on the supplement and kibble, she usually eats like 3 of them, she’s not a very big eater, but I hope she continues to do well on the blend, as I’d like to cure her leg drama before it becomes permanent.

    Thanks for the help though, I wanted to be 100% sure about a few things and you guys cleared that up for me so thanks a lot 😀

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    Since I can’t edit (too bad), I was thinking of maybe getting some blood work done, my mum said he’s panting a lot and I also checked his teeth again and the ones at the back are black, I feel maybe he should get checked out thoroughly to ensure he’s as healthy as he can be in all aspects.

    I will certainly be stopping the supplement for him, the puppy will stay on it as her front leg is really quiet bad.

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    It’s funny you should mention that because Ivory Coat came out with a new formula for just that reason, despite confirming that chicken fat in this case should not cause a reaction it did for some people, so they created a new fish formula less the chicken fat.

    So I believe that chicken fat on the rare occasion can indeed cause allergic reactions to dogs with a chicken allergy, but from what I’ve read over several articles it’s like getting unlucky and getting the short end of the rope because it seems to pretty rare.

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    Super picky is usually the owners fault, food should never be left out for more than 15 minutes for each feeding, we have done that with our new puppy and now she literally wants new food everyday… However we simply leave out the food for her and she eats it when she realises she won’t get anything else.
    There are also dogs that generally don’t eat very much as it is, our puppy we still free feed her but only because she knows when she wants to eat and it’s always random and we don’t really have a problem with that.

    I’ve checked the ingredients besides the artificial flavours and salt and maybe the unspecified meat, I’m not sure what part of the food she’s hooked on, but I’m at least glad I didn’t find any sugar in those as that would complicate things severely.

    As to any foods of similar flavour, I don’t really think that’s very possible because everyone has different tastes on different things so it could be the same and yet somehow something about it will be very different and it will become a no go.

    Oh also you should probably trial a food for at least 2 weeks before trying another one, give her no ultimatum eat it or don’t eat at all, I’ve heard that dogs will very rarely starve themselves she will eat it eventually and if she doesn’t try another I guess.

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    Yeah I guess, I was also reading a forum of people asking about Sunday Pets and no one had mentioned hair in the food and it was 18 pages long so I guess I got the short stick bag lol.

    Thanks for the help, I guess I’ll just stick to Ziwipeak and K9 natural as I’ve never seen hair in that and rusty does really well on it, less of everything pretty much.

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    I’m feeding the lesser hair pieces to the puppy as treats because she loves it, but I guess since it was only $10 because of a $10 off code that maybe I should just trash it, their website is generally very interesting and they mention a lot of good things and the ingredients list looks really good but it seems their food making practises aernt up to par with what they should be, I wish I could ask some of the people buying the food if they also have hairs in it, but I can’t which is too bad.

    No I’ve never tried to call them because of my general shyness over the phone but maybe I should just do the best I can and call anyways to find out from them if this is how their food is meant to look, based on a Mercola article I’m reading right now it seems hair is a bad idea to feed specially at such amounts, even if its only as a treat, because dogs tend to ingest enough hairs each day that extra could be dangerous.

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    If hair in the food is ok because its really quiet a lot of it and I have no idea how to attach photos off of an ipad if its even doable off of these smaller devices.

    The company never really said anything as I wasn’t able to get in touch with them via a 2nd email, I’m surprised they even wrote back to the first one, it did take them 2-3 months to respond however.

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    Well thank goodness I’m not feeding this as a main food because I apparantly would have to wait forever for an answer, I think people think I’m talking about pedigree or something and that’s why they didn’t even think to check out the thread, really sad people I needed your help and you let me down big time.

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