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    Lisa E

    I am just wondering what it is exactly about the Zignature brand of dog food that keeps it off the editor’s choice list month after month? If I remember correctly it is rated on this site with 4.5 stars and I have not seen anything negative about it? Is it just that there are others you like better or is there another reason?


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    Mike Sagman

    Hi Lisa,

    There are over 335 dog food product lines currently rated 4 stars or higher on our website. And star ratings are only one of 9 criteria we use to make our Editor’s Choice selections.

    We’re very proud of the fact we’ve been able to keep these lists as short and manageable as possible. This makes them far more useful to our members, too.

    Quoted from our Editor’s Choice FAQ page:

    There are many reasons a particular brand may not be included on our lists.

    For example, a company may not have met all our guidelines. Or its agents may have been unwilling to reveal important manufacturing information.

    In some cases, we may be aware of unfavorable information about a company. Or we may have received tips from industry insiders that disqualify certain brands from inclusion on our lists.

    And finally, we may simply be unfamiliar with a particular brand. So, feel free to nominate a company you believe we’ve overlooked.

    Please see our Editor’s Choice FAQ page as well as our 9 Rules for Finding Superior Dog Food Brands article for a better understanding of how we approach this challenging and ongoing project.

    Hope this helps.

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    I heard that they won’t reveal certain aspects of their company/food when directly contacted.

    Zignature Zssential (5 stars on this site) is the only dog food (that I know of at the moment) that kept fewer key proteins but deleted all forms of chicken, egg, potato, grain, corn, soy, dairy, gmo, high glycemic binders, etc.

    It’s truly not a well known brand at all, very few folks buy it/review it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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