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    Mark C

    I wonder what anyone’s experience with this food is. I am enticed by after reading several reviews about it. However; when I read it dog food and the ingredient list shows Salk I get a little skittish. Right now I Feed Acana which is a very good food and obviously on the ingredient list doesn’t not contain salt.? I would be interested in getting feedback on the Zignature food. Right now with the food I’m feeding I feed the single protein pork and butter not squash so the single approaching on Zignature looks close in the price is a lot more affordable so any help would be appreciated thank you

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    I’ve only just started my first bag of duck formula so it is mixed in with a little bit of their old food. I also feed a small amount of tripe with their meals. Tomorrow their meals will be just tripe and Zignature. But so far their output has not changed much after a week of mixing new and old kibble.

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    Hi Mark C

    I’ve used Zignature occaisonally in my rotation. It’s a decent food and my dogs had no problems with it. I’ve used Acana too. It looks like the kcals are about equal to Acana. Why not give it a try and see if it works for your dog? A lot of people (myself included) do rotate their dogs between a few foods and it never hurts to save money in the process! 😉

    Good luck with it if you decide to try it.

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    Mark C

    Thank you. I will definitely try it. I received samples from the company and my guys loved it. But they always like new food 🙂 thanks again for the advice.

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    Kristin S

    My dogs LOVE the Lamb food. It was highly recommended to us by our local holistic dog food store. As far as I can tell, it’s a great food. Our dogs are definitely doing great on it.

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    My Bruno is currently on the salmon and trout food and he also had a sample of the kangaroo formula. He was itchy on the food he was previously on, so my local pet store recommended Zignature as it is LID. He liked it the first few days, but is not super crazy about it. I usually serve his food with toppers but I have eliminated those for about 2 weeks, due to his itching. I hope he will like it more when I re-introduce some of the toppers. I use the kangaroo formula as treats but he’s not crazy about that either…

    But, it has helped alleviate his itching and stool is great on it so that’s good! 🙂

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    Joe S

    My 2 labs love it, I’ve used the duck, turkey and trout formulas so far, ordered in a bag of zsenntials formula to try , I rotate between Canidae all life stages and Victor GF

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    Brenda V

    We have 2 shitzus. One can eat just about anything without a problem and the other has Crohn’s. We were feeding them Acana singles without a problem but then out of nowhere the dog with Crohn’s had a bad flare-up. I don’t fault the Acana, I think she had some treats that contained chicken (I learned later it is hard for dogs to digest chicken). She was hospitalized and the vet wanted to put her on Prescription Diet IBS Formula. I asked her if I could try something else and she said a limited ingredient food would probably be okay. So I rotate between the Zignature lamb and kangaroo (because I was told these are the easiest proteins for a dog to digest) and it’s been over 6 months and she is doing great! On the other hand, my other dog that can eat anything is getting bored with Zignature so I am rotating it with the Acana. Hope that helps.

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