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    Hi, First off, thank you for providing this forum and your recall system. That in particular is invaluable.

    I have studied dog food, nutrition, and health as an admin on a popular dog food group for nine years but stepped down and away from the group in January. I’ve worked in the medical field my entire life.

    I have problems with some of the foods you listed in your Top Dry Dog Foods. First up, Blue Buffalo. They have had several recalls in the past. Listed ingredients include: Deboned chicken, chicken meal, brown rice, barley, oatmeal, etc. First off, I noticed several foods, including Wellness Core, which you rate highly, use brown rice as a second or third ingredient. All U.S. rice, brown, white, or organic, is naturally contaminated with arsenic in the hulls, so I refuse to feed my dog anything with rice in it. Rice is only a cheap filler anyway, so you’re losing zero nutrition when you cut it out.

    Also, you have many foods in your Top Dry Dog Foods that rely heavily on grains. Look at Blue above: Brown rice (see above), barley, oatmeal, and the list goes on. Our dogs don’t need grains. They’re carnivores, not chickens. There are many dog foods who use cheaper grains like corn (that would be moldy hog corn), soy, wheat, etc. NONE of these are good for your dogs. Grain-free foods are best.

    Orijen and Acana were wonderful foods when they were all made in Canada. Since they built a factory in Kentucky, the food’s quality has greatly declined and, before I left the group I referenced above, I saw many. many dogs get very sick or worse from eating Acana, Orijen, Blue Buffalo, Wellness & Wellness Core, and several more of the foods you have listed in your Top Ten.

    I’m not trying to cause trouble or be picky, I’m trying to share what I’ve learned about dog foods over the past nine years. Oh, and Diamond food and anything made by Diamond (like Taste of the Wild) — awful foods. Diamond has had several recalls and lots and lots of production issues. I wouldn’t recommend TOTW, Diamond, or anything else they produce.

    I could go on and on but wanted to shed some light on what I’ve already read. I hope this information will help at least one person.

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    Patricia A

    Thank you for bringing this discrepancy to light regarding reviews rated by DFA. I have been using DFA ratings as a starting point to make choices on diets for my dogs. I do my best to incorporate variety as tolerated as well as home cooked. My choices are based on his 5* reviews in a brand as well as various proteins.
    That being said, I’m trusting that my food of choice being Stella Chewy’s grain free raw coated kibble (small amount to stretch cost of freeze dried), Primal freeze dried, Stella’s freeze dried and Bixbi Rawbble freeze dried are some of the better brands. As stated I only use the 5* ratings in the protein selection . I believe the lower ratings in the same brand but different flavor/protein are due to higher fat to protein ratio. Was thinking of adding Vital Essentials slowly also.
    Just curious of your opinion on these brands. Do you see these brands as being rated correctly regarding nutrition and quality of ingredients. I visit site every so often to see if any new reviews have been added or a change of ratings for what I’m feeding now. Sometimes DFA’s ratings go lower from possibly a change of recipe but not sure.

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    Cindy S

    Any recommendations for good cheaper food? Was looking at natures recipe, pure balance or Rachael Ray nutrish. I currently feed instinct but so high.

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    Yvonne K

    Thank you Marcia H for the information you provided specifically for communicating several recalls on blue Buffalo and how the diamond brand is terrible. I have been looking for an alternative dog food for my three year old golden doodle that has struvite crystals and constant ear infections. She is currently on royal Canin urinary SO and it helps with the struvite crystals but certainly doesn’t keep her ears from getting infected and I clean them daily. The Cytopoint injections help but the cost is prohibitive. My vet hasn’t been too helpful in narrowing down the best choice for my dog, so thank you very much for your input. It is very much appreciated.

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    K B

    Yvonne K
    My Goldendoodle had the same issue with constant ear infections despite meticulous cleaning. We found she was allergic to chicken. Once all chicken was removed from her diet she had no more ear infections or urinary tract issues. Be careful choosing food. Even products like BEEF STEW with veggies seems to have either chicken or chicken broth in it. Good luck with your doodle!

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