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    Lin F

    One of our 14 year Yorkie girls was diagnosed with PRotein Losing Enteropathy (PLE) today. I had never even heard of it and started researching today. I found this group. I don’t know what to do, How to address this, what to expect. The Vet recommenended Hills ID diet. He put her on Prednisolone, and Metronidazole 500mg/8ml that has to be made up by a compounding Rx. She has lost nearly a pound in just a few days. She had and was treated for Whip worms a month ago. Rechecked clear 3 weeks later, then a few days ago the really bad runny poop started….again. Thought it was Whips again. I need help, advise, suggestions from folks with experience with this and have success with their regimine. What did you do? This has hit us out of the clear blue sky. Thanks in advance.

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    Jennifer H

    Hi Lin,
    One of our foster parents has a Yorkie with PLE. If you want to email me your email address I can forward it to her ask her to contact you to share what she has learned about dealing with the disease. I would also recommend checking Yorkie forums.
    So very sorry,
    Jennifer H.
    [email protected]

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    Kym P

    Hi all! My doxie was diagnosed with PLE at 9. It was touch and go for months. Steroid injections, antibiotics, expensive kibble made from kangaroo meat. He went from 18 pounds of pure muscle to 9 pounds of skin and bone. After months of trying this drug and that (chemo based cancer drugs, etc) I said enough and switched him to a raw diet of turkey from Darwin’s Pet. In just 1 month I saw a difference! I weaned him off the steroids and everything else and he did great for almost 2 years and started having some trouble. He’s now on steroids every third day and still eating the raw food from Darwin’s and doing great at 12.5 years! I hope this helps!

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