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    I feed both my yorkies Fromm. Lennon (2 years old, 10 pounds) eats all of it. Layla (1 year old, 5 pounds) doesn’t like any of the flavors. I like the company b/c of their reputation, no recalls, and pretty cheap. I’ve also tried putting unsalted chicken broth in her food. I feel bad feeding her something she’s not enthusiastic about. I don’t want to spend a fortune on something like Origen but I do what good quality. And grain free.

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    Becky A

    I agree I have one dog that’s really enthusiastic about his food and the other not so much. I’m guessing since your pups are little they don’t need a huge bag so a 5lb will do? if so try these, they’re high quality dry dog food and won’t break the bank either.

    – Taste of the wild
    – Merricks
    – Organix
    – Canidae
    – Wellness Core
    – Lotus (they bake their dog foods)
    – Acana (if you want orijen quality but at a cheaper price, same company)

    I received samples of these foods from my local dog food store and my dogs had no problem eating them nor have any tummy troubles. Also, try adding some coconut oil into your dogs food to add some flavor. It’s tasty and good for their skin and digestive systems.

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    My favorite quality budget friendly kibble for my dogs are: Victor, Whole Earth Farms, Taste of the Wild and Eagle Pack. I however, also add a little canned or fresh food mixers to all their meals as well. If you decide to go this route, remember to feed a little less kibble to make up for the calories added.

    Getting small bags or samples as Becky A mentioned is a great idea!

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