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    Brandon D

    1.5 year old Border Collie mix( so we have been told, he has peaked at 25lbs) who loves to swim( salt water pool).
    we dry him as best we can and he stands inform of a fan for “Blow Dry !” but is wiggly.
    Tends to lick and bite at his foot pads a bit throughout the day, and switches between them but not awful. He stops if we ask him but i still suspect there is a lingering yeast infection as he has had them before from moisture.

    Looking at a product called “wham ant itch spray but have also heard pro-biotics can help. There is another thread about them but the last post is over a year old.

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    Consider seeing a dermatologist for allergy testing.
    PS: In my experience, sprays and OTC stuff, supplements don’t work.

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    Suzanne N

    I’ve heard coconut oil can be used topically and orally for yeast infections. as with any supplement, it’s not 100% guaranteed to work but it’s worth a shot. here’s one of many articles outlining the greatness of coconut oil:

    if that doesn’t work, or in the interim, perhaps bring him to a groomer to have his paw fur trimmed down so that they dry thoroughly.

    good luck!

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    Kristin C

    Do his paws smell like corn chips? If so, yes it’s probably yeast. Try a vinegar foot bath.

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    I use a vet prescribed shampoo that treats fungal and microbial infections. We used to soak my dogs feet in it because he would get yeast infections under his nail beds. That helped a lot.

    However, the licking at the paws is usually associates with an enviromental allegry and given the fact that he is in the water so much, there is a chance that something either in the water or somewhere else in the environment is causing the reaction. I would suggest keeping him away from the water and excersizing him in another way until you can get to a dermatologist and see if it helps.

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    Brandon D

    Thanks for the responses and suggestions. Cant really ascertain a smell , going to have his vet check him out and go from there, the licking isn’t really problematic but i think something that needs to be looked into.

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    What is he licking mainly? Paws? Butt? Is he stratching his ears a lot?

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    Brandon D

    No real pattern..sometimes his paws sometimes his butt..Paws he chews at a bit, his butt he just gently licks, its slowed down alot over the last number of days. He has been on clavimox after having a bit of an infection form a Palm Tree nut that he passed through, but the licking was going on prior to that.

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    My vet and I had talked about the constant licking because my dog does that as well. She said paws usually is associated with environmental allergies and butt is associated with a food intolerance. Mine licks his butt and has bad gas when he eats beef. If I don’t feed him anything with beef he’s fine.

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    Deborah I

    My dog does the same thing. The vet keeps putting him on antibiotics, but as soon as they are done he starts again. I gave my dog benadryl and spray him with 50/50 vinegar and water solution. It seems to help. My dog is a cockerpoo and he gets ear infections very easily. Nothing seemed to help it but equal parts of alcohol, white vinegar and water. Boy did that clear it up. He has not had a ear infection since.

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    Yeast infections in the ears are very easily managed with regular cleaning of the ears with an ear wash. My dog has had one yeast infection in his ears and not a single one after that with regular ear cleanings.

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    Allison M

    My dog has cornchip smelling feet and bites/licks her feet. I put an e-collar on her and then dip her feet in Witch Hazel. Vinegar is too strong and irritates her feet. Povidone Iodine is also an option for a foot soak but I had didn’t think it worked for me and they can stain fabric if not diluted (plus it has a strong smell that doesn’t seem to go away). The good thing about povidone Iodine is that it is nontoxic and nonirritating so you don’t need to be as careful about it

    Dog’s feet have yet to improve but she isn’t itching as much

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    Have you attempted to figure out to what your dog is reacting?

    It’s likely either a food or environmental sensitivity. Your dog won’t improve until the stimulus is eliminated.

    My dog gets yeasty ears when he reacts to any of his food or environmental sensitivities. I have a good handle on his diet, but environmental sensitivities present a unique challenge. I managed them very well using Quercetin with Bromelain and Papain, plus an Omega 3 supplement.

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    stacey m

    I am a dog groomer and have had a few clients with the noticeable ‘corn chip’ scent along with itching, licking, moist armpits and what looks like red angry feet, ear infections.
    These dogs were always chewing and licking. Under the vets care they were given steroids and as soon as the dose was over the issue would come back.
    I’d like to share what worked for these dogs with yeast issues.
    The food has been changed to Nutrisca, which is a very low carb food.
    No extra treats and every week they are bathed with GNC Medicated anti-bacterial/anti-fungal shampoo (left on for 10 minutes) and followed up with a moisturizing conditioner.
    The dogs are also on one fish oil daily (which is anti-inflammatory) and daily benadryl (adjusted to dogs weight). The dogs ears were treated for the infection by the vet, the rest was the above mentioned protocol. The dogs who followed this are now about 95% better. Love to say 100% but every now and then one will lick but the smell, angry red inflamed skin is gone! Important to follow through with weekly baths and continue protocol for the comfort of the dog even after symptoms have disappeared.
    Both Nutrisca food and the GNC shampoo can easily be bought online.

    I am not a vet, I am just passing along some info that worked for some of my clients :o)

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    Brandon D

    after a trip to the vet yesterday it was determined that this is likely environmental allergies, and not a yeast infection. His skin is a little pink but he doesn’t itch much, chews a bit at a single paw. On benedryl 25mg three times daily for a week to see if the pink skin clears up, vet didn’t think any need for any steroid. If benedryl works( seems to help) then Zyrtek once a day for maintenance.
    Appreciate all the responses, still going to consider some other food and bathing options as well.

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    Good luck! Hope everything works out for your guy. Great that they didn’t do a steroid.

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