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    I’m a long time respected breeder of Springer Spaniels and have been using Victor professional fomula for alittle over a year now that is a no corn, no wheat formula, where before for several years was using a chicken based product with corn and wheat fillers that the company went under and now in the last year have had matings that didnt produce a litter, a false pregnancy, and now a miscaraige pregnancy, so now I’m wondering if Victor’s professional formula , although it has high ratings for a good all age healthy food is Not good for breeding healthy litters. I know when I call Victor today , their reps are good to stand by their product and don’t know weather its going to help going to switch to something like Fromm Chicken instead, but I like the price of Victor and surely know that the corn and wheat could not be the cause for good litters, but wondering if anyone else out there has experienced this with Victor products?

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    I know that there are certain common ingredients that Purina’s research found caused a decrease in fertility, but I don’t remember off the top of my head what they were, other than very common.

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    Have you brucellosis tested recently? Could be something nutritionally, but I always double check on health issues first just in case.

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    I have recently learned that flax seed/oil contains a phytoestrogen that can cause problems in reproductive development and can be a factor in endometriosis. Flax seed is very common is kibble and I have only found a few that don’t have it. I’ve also heard that rosemary which is also commonly used as preservative is also contraindicated for reproductive females.

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    Thanks for that info Garlandaire… I have switched my mother dogs to Victors Hi-Pro Active instead of the professional formula ,just had a nice litter, but still have concerns why I had a mother dog miscarraige, which has only happened twice in 25 years of breeding.
    I do not provide stud service outside my own dogs and Vets ruled out Brucelosis
    but did mention about Leptosprirosis can cause aborted litters, but have found no evidence there either.

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    Correction: The phytoestrogen in flax is thought to be a factor in hyperplasia (thickening of the uterine lining), not endometriosis.

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    Carol F

    Liberty kennels, have you had any further issues with Victor Food and fertility??

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    I quit using Victor all together shortly after writing this post and have been using Diamond Premium adult or 4Health chicken/rice with good results ever since

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    Carol F

    I switched from Diamond Naturals which is 4health, to Víctor. The fertility issues in dog food is from peas, lentils, etc, according to Jean Dodd’s DVM reports. I don’t see anything in the Víctor that would cause issues. I hate switching again. Victor has also researched this and can’t give me an answer. I’ve been having a lot of split heat cycles with no ovulation. Did you run Ito that?? Glad things are going well for you.

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    Robin L

    I have had my females on Victor since they were puppies. They are now breeding age. They both are having split cycles and no ovulation. I’ve bred them each 2 times with no results. So I’m saying good by to Victor and moving on!

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    Tracy W

    This was a long time ago, but since the the issue has persisted with Victor Professional. Many breeders have now noted spit heats or failure to ovulate in bitches. Two of my veterinarians feeling is caused by the alfalfa meal now used as filler. They say any legume may cause such issues.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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