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    John N

    I was going to throw all these (cooked) ingredients in a blender:
    1 Can of Mackeral
    Eggs x 4
    1/2 Pound of Beef Heart
    1/2 Pound of Beef Liver
    1 Pound of Ground Meat (Pork or Turkey or Chicken)
    2 Sweet Potatoes
    2 Cups of Spinach
    1 Cup of Green Beans
    1 Cup of Peas
    1 Cup of Carrots
    2 Tablespoons of Chia Seeds
    1 Can of Lamb Green Tripe

    Feed that blender mix as a meal, twice a day. But 3 days a week (Mon/Wed/Fri), I will feed a raw chicken quarter as a meal for bone. And on Saturdays and Sundays, I would give a raw pork bone as an afternoon snack.

    And maybe throw a children’s gummy multivitamin 3-4 days a week to add in any random vitamin/minerals? Would this get all the nutrients that the dog needs?

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    Hound Dog Mom

    I would recommend mixing in a multi-vitamin (w/o calcium) daily – just a regular multivitamin (not sure why you’d want to use a gummy vitamin?). There’s also way too much liver, liver shouldn’t be anymore than 5% of the meat component and if you’re adding a multi you shouldn’t need it anyways. Include 2 eggshells or 2,000 mg. calcium.

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    John N

    Okay. So too much liver. The gummy version is so the dog will actually eat it. She won’t take in those capsules. But the multi would make it so the liver isn’t necessary?

    Also, even with the bone from the chicken quarter 3 times a week and pork bone twice a week, I should still add the egg shells for additional calcium?

    Thanks for your help, Hound Dog Mom!

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    Hound Dog Mom

    Yes, you still need calcium. I would recommend either purchasing capsules that you can open and mixing the powder in the food or use a pill crusher or mortar and pestle to crush a tablet. Just make sure whatever multi you use has no more than 5% DV calcium listed or it will mess with the calculations. Just adjust the human dosage based on your dog’s size. For small breeds give about 1/4 of the human dose, medium dogs can get 1/2 the human dose and large dogs can get the entire human dose.

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    If the gummy has xylitol in it you should definitely NOT give it.

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    John N

    Thanks for the tidbit about xylitol. I remember reading about that, but never would’ve thought look for that specific ingredient.

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