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    I’m worrying myself to death and don’t know where to turn. I have a 70lb. Goldendoodle that will be 1 yr this month. I have been very careful about the food I feed, watching calcium, calories etc. I am aware of HDM’s LBP food list. Since he was a few months old he has clicking sounds from either his hips or knees and his feet make a popping sound sometimes when walking on carpet. Taken him to 2 diff vets and both say he seems fine, don’t worry unless he shows serious problems and X-rays can’t be ‘verified’ until 2 years of age. I worry about everything with him and notice the slightest changes whether they are anything or not. I will be starting a joint supplement and fish/coconut oil. I don’t have the money to get comprehensive testing done or to keep taking him to vets that tell me the same thing. He seems to walk fine but today I thought I noticed he was laying on one side more than the other and I thought I noticed him walking with a straighter left rear leg. I may be worrying over nothing but I’m not sure. I lost my little dog last year suddenly to syringomyelia and was traumatized by the whole event. I just need some reassurance or advice!

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    Hello, don’t stress out so much as long as your dog isn’t showing pain or sensitivity in those areas, and the vet says all is fine, then everything might be truly ok. I have A Dane and his legs pop every now and then but he is fine I just give him his joint rescue jerky ,add coconut oil in his food, and add NZYMES. But if you need to get x rays go ahead its always better to be sure. My dog got a little stiff during cold weather last year and I got really scared but I gave him NZYMES and he was up and about within days. NZYMES rebuild tissue , help prevent cancer, and help with over all health in so many ways. And remember portion control food because feeding too much may cause growth issues. good luck!

    – Ana

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    I would start a joint supplement, just like you are planning to do anyways. Get a few different ones, some work better than others and it really is a matter of what works for your dog. If the clicking stops, you’ve found the right one.

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