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    Kristie W

    Hi, thank you for taking the time to read this. I have had two of my dogs on thyroid meds for years and was not able to afford a vet visit/blood work in time to get a refill on one of them, so my dog went without for a week. The vet was extremely rude and I heard her yell in the backroom about what a bad pet owner I was and didnt I know that it could kill my dog.

    I’ve done a lot of research and googling and cannot find anything that says taking a dog off of thyroid meds will kill it. Was I misinformed by a money hungry/uneducated vet or is this true?

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    First of all, I think you need to find a new vet and quick! I don’t know if it will kill your dog, but it is probably not too good for it. I would think you would need to slowly wean him off of the meds. Hopefully someone with more vet/medical background will pop in and help you out.

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    Hi Kristie

    Rest easy! Missing a week of thyroid meds is not a life or death situation for your dog. Your Vet acted very unprofessionally when she yelled in the back room about you!

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    Kristie W. I have a dog that’s been on Soloxine for Hypothyroidism so just wanted to chime in here. No, it is not a good idea for your dogs to miss their meds and I think a week is to long to go without his/her meds, but I doubt very highly that it would have killed your dog. Your dog may seem and act under the weather but will perk back up once back on the meds.

    My sincere advice to you would be to immediately find another vet and when you make the appt. with the new vet ask the desk personnel to request your dog’s records from the previous vet. Your old (present) vet may not want to do that without your paying them a fee for copying the files. Some vets will charge a per page fee. To say that your vet acted unprofessionally is being kind. That was very inappropriate behavior. She could have very nicely spoken to you about the pros and cons of missing meds. There was absolutely no reason for her to belittle you whether it was to your face or in the back room with the techs.

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    In the long run, going without thyroid meds can cause damage to the heart, but it should take longer than a week. After missing more than a day, it can take up to 3 months to get thyroid levels regulated again, so that’s why it is important to not miss a dose. Just 2 days of missing doses can cause symptoms for a month or more.

    I agree that your vet was extremely unprofessional. Maybe if you had called them and explained your issues, they could have worked with you and given you enough to get you through, but he would not, he had no cause to complain at all. And no matter what, he had no cause for his actual behavior.

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    Hi Kristie, your Vet is a total Asshole. If I were you, I’d look for a new Vet. ASAP.

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    MaryLou R

    My dog is taking thyrovet for his hypothyroidism and I wondered if Solozine is a better medication?

    Use this HTML tag <Bernie>

    Thanks you.

    MaryLou Ryan
    [email protected]

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