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    Jennifer H

    Ok, so I make my own RAW food. I am feeding A LOT of Saint Bernards (14) and thus process my food every 2 weeks and freeze it (700 pounds at a time, so yep…. I’m hardcore). I basically grind everything (meat with bone, organs, muscle meats, veggies and fruits) and freeze it in 10 pound bph free plastic buckets. I then thaw it as needed and feed it by the scoop (an ice cream scoop of all things, lol) and add some whole raw food to the bowl to give my guys something to chew on and clean their teeth (chicken backs, turkey necks….).
    I know for a fact there is NOTHING artificial or grain based or synthetic added to my food. My frozen ground food is wet and bloody when thawed and served. I stir up the food (blood and all) to serve and my dogs love it.
    SO….. why is it the commercial raw foods you can buy on line or at the store are not bloody and wet?
    I drain all my stuff before I grind it to minimize the wet and work to make sure my food is as dry as I can make it but it is still a bloody mess.
    If anyone knows what the commercial folks are doing different, I would love to know. I worry they are adding something that I wouldn’t want to add to my food but still would really like to know.

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    Hi have you emailed a few raw pet companies & asked them this question?? they will probably tell you what they do to stop excess blood, if they’re honest….

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    Katherine B

    I have a 14 lb Havanese who is 14 lbs.!! I feed both Darwin and Primal. Both are very bloody unless you buy the freeze dried. I much prefer freeze dried but it is way more expensive. I speak with one of the nutritionalist at Darwin’s when I have questions. Not sure why but he says the freeze dried is not as good for dogs as the frozen. I still use it frequently. She loves it and I don’t worry nearly as much about the safety. Sometimes the raw looks so bloody and disgusting it is difficult for me to feed. However, I have seen such improvement in her health issues after beginning the raw diet I feed it all the time. Began two years ago after listening to many of Dr. Karen Becker’s videos on You Tube. James at Darwin’s just happened to tell me once Darwin’s consults with her when they created the special prescription foods. Sophia, my little girl, has Cushings and a ‘Leaky heart valve’! After feeding primal raw for one year and adding Adrenal Gold from Pet Wellbeing to the food I had her blood work rechecked. Everything that had been extremely high before was near normal. Wish I had realized the importance of feeding a raw diet 14 years ago. I truly believe she would be a healthy dog today.

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    Katherine B

    Woops! Sorry. I wanted to say I have a 14 yr old who is 14 lbs.

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    Darwins is bloody as is the Vital Essentials in the tube I got. I’ve seen VE and Stella & Chewy in patties that were not bloody. I don’t know why/

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    My cat eats one meal of Stella & Chewy’s Raw Frozen Chicken Dinner. It is only bloody if I let it thaw all the way to room temperature, instead of letting it thaw in the fridge. Maybe that has something to do with it?

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