Why is 4health bad for diamond making it?

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    Amanda D

    I was looking at the comments on the DFA FB post about the best puppy food and seen someon say that 4health is bad because its made by diamond. I asked why but nobody answered so I figured I would ask here. What is bad about 4health being made by Diamond? I’m getting a Miniture Australian Shepherd puppy this summer, my breeder feeds 4Health. I’m trying to decide between Fromm Gold but I would have to order online. 4Health would be the easiest transition, but I would have to drive 20 minutes out of my way. Or Castor and Pollux Organix, I can get Puppy formula at Petsmart about a 10 minute drive away, but adult formula is at a store in my town. I’m leaning more towards 4Health because it’s more affordable than C&P and would have no food transition.

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    You can google for more info but Diamond has had a number of recalls & many of us choose to give our money to companies that haven’t. Recalls aren’t bad but it depends how many and the reason that may make you say no thanks.

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    Hi Amanda-

    Two things. First, since your breeder feeds 4Health it is always recommended to continue with the same food for at least 3-4 weeks while your new pup is adjusting to his/her new environment. Sudden food changes while so young and under stress from the move can compound and result in GI upset.

    Secondly, the main reason to be concerned about Diamond manufactured products is not so much the reason for the recall, but the amount of recalls, the fact that they spanned most if not all brands they make and/or co-pack, and that Diamond has a very poor way of handling them. Recalls are fine and I actually welcome them because it lets me know companies are keeping on top of testing, but when the FDA has to step in and threaten a company before they recall, I find that unnerving.

    Now on the flip side, it has been some years since a recall has come out of the Diamond plant in South Carolina, so maybe they have upped their quality control protocols, but only time will tell.

    My suggestion, talk with the breeder about her choice. Ask her why she picked 4Health, how long has she been using it, how does she feel about the numerous recalls, did she even know about them etc. If she doesn’t seem to have much of a good reason to use it other than it being cheap but not so cheap as Puppy Chow, maybe switch to something else after a few weeks.

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    Susan W

    I had a seriously bad experience with 4Health – a BIG bad that was completely moldy. It was so disgusting that it stunk up my car for a week when I took it back to the store.
    I went from feeding 4Health (couldn’t trust them anymore) to making my own food to feeding VeRUS. I found VeRUS on a BarkPost list of companies who’ve never had a recall. I contacted 6 companies on the list, 4 sent me coupons, 1 didn’t respond, 1 wrote back and asked if my dogs had any health issues that concerned me. THAT one was VeRUS. They answered questions for me and sent some really nice samples. I’ve been feeding VeRUs for more than 2 years now. No more homemade food. My dogs are healthy & energetic. My little picky eater doesn’t give me pained looks (Do I have to eat this?) and doesn’t eat grass after eating her VeRUS dinner.
    They make puppy food. Do a search for them, and make contact. Free samples – no cost to you!

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    Hi Amanda, go with your gut & see how your pup does & remember you should always rotate kibbles, once your pup has settled in then try a few different brands with different proteins, then stick with the brands your dog is doing the best on…..With the big recall, no one ever mentions it wasn’t just Diamond foods that were recalled other brands were also recalled as well & then Diamond decided to voluntary recall their other formulas as well to be safe…Look thru Dog Food Adviser & it shows all the companies that have had recalls & there’s heaps of brands not just Diamond…
    Here’s a Diamond link for their “Taste Of The Wild” formula watch video it’s one of Diamonds plants, I don’t know which plant but its a new plant, contact Diamond send them a email & ask where is their 4 Health being made which plant?? after what has happened with Diamond & after watching their video I really doubt they will have another recall, I wonder how many other brands fall under the radar & get away with make crappy dog foods??….

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    Kelly B

    My dog and cats are fed 4Health brand food. My cats are doing great, their hair is so soft and shiny, We have very few hairballs at all. There is very little poo waste.

    My senior dog Boo was getting Mast cell tumors, with the switch to 4health and added boiled chicken on top his last 2 hard mast cell tumors shrunk down and disappeared. he still has and gets fatty ones but he is 14 years old.

    I have had problems with very expensive foods when another dog left with my ex husband had skin problems that got worse trying all the great expensive food. What cleared that up was when Bear and Boo got put on a raw diet for 8 months.

    Boo and the cats have done really well on 4Health for the past few years and I do not ever plan to feed another kind of food to my cats or any other dog I may get.

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    Sounds good, that’s how I feel about Nutrisca. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.

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    Amanda D

    Susan W, I checked on VeRUS but they are not available in my area.

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    Susan W

    PetFlow.com + autoship!!!

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