Why does my dog seem to choke on her food?

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    My Polish Lowland Sheepdog is 12 years old – she has a sensitive stomach/IBS and I have to be careful what I feed her. She has been on Symply Salmon & Rice Dry food for over 2 years now – over the past 6 months/year she sometimes runs away from her bowl half way through eating, seems to choke a lot and her stomach goes in and out, she throws up her dinner, eats it again then goes back and finishes her dinner with no further problems.

    I put her bowl on a small step as she has arthritis in her front legs and struggles to get down to floor level when eating and have split her dinner in half – feeding half at lunch time and half at dinner time – I also put water in with her biscuits.

    I have taken her to the vets and they don’t seem to be able to help me – they suggested I syringed water down her throat before eating – but this made no difference and she didn’t like having the water squirted down her throat so I stopped.

    Is there anything anyone can suggest as it is quite distressing to watch and I don’t seem to be able to do anything to help her – have tried patting her on the back when she is choking but this just gets me a dirty look!

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    It sounds like she may be eating too fast and it’s causing her to choke. You could try a slow-feed bowl.

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    Our local pet shop sells them – I have tried just about everything else! Not sure why she suddenly started doing it though? I have had her from a puppy and I always feed her and my other dog in separate rooms, so that she doesn’t feel threatened or like she needs to eat it too fast.

    I always keep the same routine too and sometimes she eats fine with no choking etc and other times it happens every day and every mealtime! Its so frustrating as I have conquered all her other problems!

    I will keep you posted on if it works 🙂

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    Just to let you know – the slow feed bowl has helped! It hasn’t stopped her completely – but we have much less episodes now! I am still putting her bowl on a step and still splitting her meals throughout the day.

    I will just add that when I first gave her the bowl – she did not like it one bit! She would step back from the bowl – look at it and then look at me, as if to say – what the hell do you think that is! But she soon realised that was all she was getting and got on with it!

    Thank you for your help!

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    No problem! I’m glad that the bowl helped.

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    I ordered and received two Dog Games Slo Bowls from Chewy.com. These are very interesting. Bigger than I thought they’d be. We’ll see how they work tomorrow since one will have ground raw in his & the other will have a The Honest Kitchen in hers.

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