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    Christine C

    I’m looking for a good quality rawhide chew. Wholesome Hides was recommended on another “whole” dog website. Does anyone have any experience with these?



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    I prefer not to buy rawhide chews. Have you ever tried bullysticks?

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    I don’t buy rawhides and prefer bully sticks also. I’m curious though as you mentioned the product was recommended by Whole Dog Journal. Here’s the link I’m thinking you might’ve read: http://www.whole-dog-journal.com/issues/12_5/features/Best-Rawhide-Chews-For-Your-Dog_16120-1.html.

    I haven’t read the article yet, but I consider WDJ to be reliable source of information.

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    I also don’t usually give or recommend rawhide, but I had seen a blog post recommending them: http://www.brisbanesbarkblog.com/2014/05/wholesome-hides-are-best-rawhides.html

    As you can see, the Whole Dog Journal post is linked to in the blog. Apparently Wholesome Hides have a different build to them than most regular rawhides, which makes them safer. Personally I’d still prefer other natural chews, but if you want rawhide it sounds like this isn’t a bad choice. Of course, with any chew you still have to supervise.

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    Wholesome Hides are the only rawhide I use. It was one recommended by the Whole Dog Journal.

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    Christine C

    Okay, thanks for the feedback. Yes the article that is being referred to in this thread is the one that i read regarding Wholesome Hides. I’m probably overthinking EVERYTHING because the my last dog past over 5 years ago. It’s amazing what has changed since then! I bought a Wholesome Hide today and a Bully Stick so I will see how we do. I guess like every expecting parent that has to wait for their baby’s arrival, I am anxious and “trying to get everything ready!” Thanks for the feedback!

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