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    kodys mom

    Why was The Honest Kitchen removed from the list? This is pretty important information that should be shared, if a brand is going to be removed from the list. Whatever the reason is, why should we have to go hunt down the answer or wonder what the reason is. It just makes no sense that Mike would not directly answer the question. I read the the forums for close to an hour, I see many people asking but never a direct answer. Maybe I missed it? If anyone can advise, that would be pretty helpful. Thanks.

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    I have already posted the answer to this question to the very best of my ability many times. Both in the forums and on our FAQ page.

    Just the same, I’ll repeat it again for you here.

    Editor’s Choice designation is based upon the subjective opinions of this editor and our research staff. Removing a company from the list should not be interpreted as the discovery of some crucially important finding.

    Choosing brands for Editor’s Choice is based on as many facts as I can put together. And I’m perfectly willing to disclose those facts when appropriate.

    However, it’s also based upon subjective opinion, insider tips, hunches and everything else I might personally know at any point in time. Yet sharing these unprovable notions publicly would be irresponsible — unfair to the companies and misleading to readers.

    For legal and ethical reasons, I will never knowingly publish any unprovable (non-factual) opinion about any company anywhere on this website just to appease a reader’s curiosity or expectations for an explanation.

    And that’s not ever going to change.

    However, being able to freely add or remove products from Editor’s Choice without concern for avoidable legal consequences will allow me to do a much better job of helping you choose great brands while also protecting your pet from potential harm.

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    I know how you feel. I think most of us are a little paranoid about our dog’s food and that’s why we are here. It does make you wonder if you should stop feeding it. I found this discussion; /dog-food-reviews/honest-kitchen-dog-food/ . Scroll down and read from about 2 weeks ago. There was also a discussion about one of the minerals being possibly too low or maybe reported incorrectly on the package but I can’t find a link to that right now. I still feed it as part of the rotation!

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    I’ve fed THK for 8-10 years and won’t be stopping.

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