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    Courtney K


    First of all, I’d like to say what an awesome service- $15.00 a year to make sure we’re feeding our pets quality food. Finally someone trying to look out for the well being of all pets!

    The reason I started this off topic thread, is because my 7 month old pure bred Blue Pitt, has developed odd little white bumps on her inner thigh. It started with one small one, now there are three our four. I’m praying it’s just warts, or something common, and google has me a little freaked out at the moment.

    Any advice, input would be great, thanks!

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    Is it very warm or hot where you live? I’m wondering if it’s something like prickly heat rash. They can get prickly heat, just like babies do, in areas that don’t get a chance to really dry out. That’s my best guess but I could absolutely be completely wrong.

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    Courtney K

    Quite the opposite actually! We live in Michigan, so little miss Misha has not seen summer yet 🙂 The are rock hard, they look like warts!

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    The prognosis for dogs with warts is generally quite good, especially since most of these warts go away on their own. It is possible, but unlikely, for benign warts to transform to malignant squamous cell carcinoma. Any lumps or bumps on dogs should be monitored and routinely assessed by a veterinarian. http://www.petwave.com/Dogs/Health/Warts/Diagnosis.aspx

    I wouldn’t panic, especially if they are not bothering her, but, keep an eye on them and the next time you see the vet, have him examine and diagnose.

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    A biopsy is your best bet since they’re multiplying. Arm yourself with dates of when you 1st noticed it, when the others flared up, etc. It’d be good to catch right away for removal if it’s fibromas, fibrosarcomas or nerve sheath tumors.

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